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  1. Hi there , I’m having trouble with my sons sherco 125 2003. it was popping the thermostat out put a new one in and now coolant coming out not from the thermostat but from the radiator somewhere . how do I check the blow off valve as I suspect the problem lies there any help or tips very much appreciated as this bike is slowly draining the life and wallet out of me 🤔🤔
  2. Yes it’s a real pain , I have tried lots of places. I can get them in silver but it’s not what I’m after
  3. Hi all , I’m new to the site so go easy lol, I’m looking for some help. i have just bought a 2001 sherco 290 and I am looking for replacement front and rear mudguards . Can’t seem to find any . is there anyone that has some available or could give me some pointers ? thanks in advance for any help.
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