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  1. Hi What is the correct jetting for a Sherpa exhaust 198 Vm26 Mikuni Carburettor?. It's currently fitted with the following Main jet 120 Pilot jet 35 Needle jet 182 N-8 Jet needle 5F21 Slide 2.0
  2. I've ordered a few new jets and a new slide. Thanks for your help Andy
  3. That was my first thought when I took it apart. The early Sherpa fitted with a Mk1 Amal had a 3.5 slide fitted going by my manual but I can't find any settings for a Mk2, probably because most people change them for something better.
  4. Hi All, Does anybody know carburettor settings for a Sherpa 198 with a L2627 Mk 2 Amal? It's current setting are Slide No1, Needle 2B1(clip is fitted in the middle) , Pilot jet 20, Main jet 150, Needle jet 106 and the pilot screw is 1 and a half turns out. The bike is really boggy at low revs and won't respond to quick throttle movements, Has anybody got any ideas where to start? Thanks Andrew
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