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  1. autoavia

    Unleaded Fuel

    FBHVC are usually very thorough when they test a product so if they approve it I would expect it to do exactly what it says on the bottle.
  2. autoavia

    Unleaded Fuel

    Montesa tanks up to about 1976/7 were fibreglass rather than plastic. I have a 60's kit car to rebuild which is a fibreglass monocoque with the tanks moulded into the monocoque. Other owners have experienced problems with unleaded fuels attacking the fibreglass which has caused blocked fuel lines where the fibreglass has turned to a kind of jelly. There are also known issues with unleaded attacking some of the seals in the carburettor on older classic cars which is why I felt inclined to ask questions rather than plough ahead. Thanks for all the advice. I think I will get the bike tidied up a bit and then see if I can get her started. The bike is still very original so, having looked at the price of original parts, I will change things like the mudguards, if I decide to compete again, and keep the originals to put back if/when I decide to sell.
  3. Pleased to hear you have managed to get sorted out but i there is anything that you think might be in the Montesa manual that I have then I can always have a look but please don't ask me where the whirling points are on the brakes - never been able to find those in the 40+ years I have had the bike.. Just had a look at the manual it does have useful things like torque settings for head bolts, dimensions and part nos for steerimng head and other bearings and exploded drawings with part nos. I can either photograph or scan these pages if you don't have the info already.
  4. autoavia

    Unleaded Fuel

    Thanks. In the old days the lead seemed more of a hinderance then a help with 2 strokes. When I first got the bike I used to run 4 star but on running in settings the plug used to get coated in lead so I went to 2 star instead an never had any problem again. If anyone else has any info it would be appreciated but when I get a chance I will drive to a motorcycle shop in Southend run by a former trials rider who will probably be able to help.
  5. autoavia

    Unleaded Fuel

    Mine is one of the first with an aluminium tank with a fibreglass cover so the tank should be fine but I suspected there would be a problem with the carb so what fuel should I be using in the UK please.
  6. autoavia

    Unleaded Fuel

    This may seem a stupid question but I have a 1976 Cota 247 UKR which I have owned from new. It hasn't been used or over 20 years and I want to tidy it up and see if it will start assuming the seals are OK. I know I need to clean out the carb etc but is it ok to run on unleaded fuel from the local garage, what oil should I be using and what ratio petrol/oil mix please. I know that with classic cars there is also a problem with modern fuels destroying the seals in the carburettor. Is this likely to be a problem and if so is there a new seal kit that I can buy which is suitable for unleaded fuels. Thanks
  7. I think the Clymer manual is about all you will get. I have a 1976 Cota 247 UKR which I bought new. It came with a sort of handbook which has some basic info and I think it has wiring diagrams. It also tells me that I must thoroughly grease all the whirling points on the brakes and to start the bike I have to "open the gas command to a quarter of it's run and smartly depress the starting lever"! There was no proper official repair manual available then for the later Cotas so I should think it is unlikely that one has been produced since.
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