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  1. DaveR

    Montesa 349

    Thank you . The lack of any sort of decent quality manual is the reason I am asking these stupid questions. Thanks again.
  2. DaveR

    Montesa 349

    So the gearbox oil is added in the central filler plug just below the carb and the clutch oil is added to the filler plug on left of bike near clutch lever bracket ?
  3. DaveR

    Montesa 349

    What about the other oils? Any info would be great
  4. DaveR

    Montesa 349

    Thank you , I did download the manuals but not a lot of info in them.
  5. DaveR

    Montesa 349

    Hello everyone and thanks for the add. I recently acquired a Montesa 349 white wonder circa 1981. My first Montesa restoration.. I am quite alarmed at the lack of good workshop manuals in English and in depth. Just a few asks - what ratio of fuel to oil and should I use and which oil - synthetic/semi synthetic/mineral oil ?(for my other bike I use rock oil pp2) Also what other oils should I be using for other internals. Thank you.
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