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  1. I have a 1975 250 MAR but the rear brake has 25mm wide shoes which i think was from earlier models (?), InMotion only stock 30mm wide. I am assuming these don't fit but i can find plenty of Y503 shoes that are 110 x 25mm and cheap too for genuine EBC, has anyone tried these or am i left with finding a local relining company fr the solution? Any help gratefully received, Ian
  2. At my first trial today which I thoroughly enjoyed,(Thanks Loughborough club) I lost a swing arm spindle bolt (Shame on me for poor preparation). But when we dug a little deeper it seems really strange that the position of the rear brake pedal is effected by the chain tensioner and by default chain tension. I'll blame this for my ineptitude to find the rear brake pedal for descents. Is this really correct. Thinking of removing original tensioner and fitting an aftermarket one to disassociate the 2, so the chain tensioner tensions and the brake pedal brakes, and I can fix its rest position in one place. Have I not got mine set up correctly, is it missing something? Has anyone modified the pedal to make it easier to activate, again thinking of welding on extensions. Finally, i notice the Pioneer brake pedal has a large "C" arm on it implying it uses a rod to activate the brake, has anyone tried this swap? Any advise gratefully received. Regards Ian
  3. Thanks for those thoughts. Have left a message with both Bradford ignition and Steve Sell (Who rebuilt the motor). The stator has at some time recently been serviced as the cable is very new and the wire colours wrong, eg brown and blue not black and blue. All ignition components checkout to the readings but i suspect the coil may be breaking down once hot. the motor fired up again this morning without hesitation so time has cured something either damp or overheating. I see there are 3 options on alternatives coils, InMotion do a version, there is an aesthetically nice one on ebay and Rex speedshop advocate using a PVL coil, and anyone tried any of these alternatives. May get Bradford to rewind the original for originality reasons if cost not stupid. has anyone had one done and know the approximate cost? cheers Ian
  4. Just been at the Trialsday.com training course today with my Ossa MAR and whilst i can wholeheartedly recommend the course, the Ossa let me and itself down by dying. It had been starting first kick, running sweetly and i was really enjoying it until it died. It was drizzling, which may be important. Back at the car i stripped the carb, flushed out all the jets and every now and again it would pop or fire up but wouldn't sustain life. Once i got home, a 2 hour drive it fired up instantly. The course was the first time it had been used in anger since a full rebuild by Steve Sell so guess seals should be fine. I'm thinking water in the period metal kill button or the coil or wiring? Anybody ever had similar? Also are there many options on after market ignitions, i know InMotion do one, who do people rate this? The motoplat system could be breaking down once really hot.
  5. Thanks for the replies, as im going to fit a Ducati 160 motor i will just cut off above the bent and weld in new tubes to suit engine, many thanks
  6. Hi, I recently bought a Montesa 200 frame for a project and now that i look at it closely i am not sure if one of the downtubes is bent or it is meant to have a kink in it to allow exhaust routing or similar, its the right hand tube, Could any with more knowledge offer some advice, cheers Ian
  7. Just noticed 2 frames for £100 on ebay, might be my salvation.
  8. Thats great, thanks for the information. I have been looking on ebay quite a bit for one. I may yet buy another Ossa MAR frame if it required butchery, wouldn't want to not be able to go back to a solo bike, but dont have funds for a complete new outfit, plus wife thinks i have enough toys already
  9. Hi folks, Fancy having a go at sidecar trials and currently own a 1975 Ossa Mar 250. 2 questions if i may, does anyone know of a used chair for sale for sensible money, if not i will have a go at making one as plenty of reference photos around and i can weld (or so i tell myself) but has anyone done it to an Ossa before, can find pictures of a yellow Ossa 350 on the web but the frame looks different, it's the headstock mount that looks tricky to resolve.
  10. Thanks to all, I got in touch with Steve Sell and he has knuckles so have ordered one from him plus a clutch lightening arm, but may buy the one on ebay if it doesnt go too silly for contingency.
  11. Thanks have asked for a price, cheers, Ian.
  12. unfortunately when i go to order shipping comes out at $236, so a non-starter, like my Ossa, have emailed to query why so ridiculously high
  13. Great thanks, will contact and order, regards, Ian.
  14. well solved the clutch slip/kickstart issue, put it all together and started to kick it over when the kickstart went all floppy again. Damn i thought its the springs again but no this time the kickstart knuckle has cracked through so it cant grip!! InMotion have it listed but out of stock, has anyone ever found an alternative that fits, tried all my ductai/benelli ones to no avail, or know of a source of knuckles.
  15. now solved it was clutch slip as really screwed the springs up and now working, thanks.
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