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  1. Limmy01

    Beta rev3 questions

    I have a 2004 rev3 250cc, how much engine oil should I add or is there a certain level on the inspection window o should be aiming for? Also the other day I could hear a sparking/ arking sound, after looking I could see sparks coming from the top of the coil where there is a connector. Any ideas what is wrong and what I need to do to sort it?
  2. Currently trying to source some rear seals for my 2004 beta rev 3. Anyone know where I can get a kit or anywhere else I can obtain these seals?
  3. Limmy01

    Rev 3 won't start

    Update, After drying the plug and heating it up over the cooker, she started faultless.. so now the conundrum is do i carry on and see if it stops again and then get the stator done, or do I do that now and not risk it...
  4. Limmy01

    Rev 3 won't start

    Was out last weekend and the bike was faultless till the last hour when she decided to just stop.. Got it hope and it started but with a clicking sound and kept cutting out, then she wouldn't start and had no spark. Took it apart and whoever fitted the kill switch was bodged in.. sorted all the wires and did some soldering and the spark is back, rebuilt and she started first time for 6 seconds and now won't start again.. I have a spark also.. What do I need to check?
  5. Bought a Beta rev 3 a few months back and it had terrible clutch drag, would take at least 10mins of warming up before it was rideable. Now after doing this mod I can start the bike up and the clutch works straight away with no drag... Great post! Many Thanks Jamie
  6. Will order a standard one, probably damaged in the past and someone has made a replacement.. Cheers Jamie
  7. Took the bike to the local shop to have the rear brake bleed, on picking it up they mentioned that it was a right pain to bleed and believed that the bar that goes in the master cylinder was to short.. Went out on the bike on Saturday and the rear brake was hit and miss, some times it worked then nothing, you could feel through the pedal like something was slipping... So before I buy one on ebay as they don't tell you the size of the bar, does anyone have one to measure on theirs? Mine is around 123mm Cheers Jamie
  8. I have cracked it open a little and then doubled on the amount open until the fluid leaks out the nipple..
  9. I stripped the bike down to give it a full clean, so now rebuilt but the lines have no fluid in.. I'm more at a loss as why the reverse bleeding isn't pumping in the fluid.. Jamie
  10. Good day all, I am getting no where trying to bleed the clutch and rear brake, tried both with normal pumping of the levers but not getting any air or fluid to move. Also tried the reverse method on both and no matter how hard i push on the syringe I am getting no fluid in, I can feel the resistance and when I let off the pressure I get some old fluid pull out into the syringe.. Any tips before I have to resort to paying for it to be done.. I only did my zx6r last month and that was a dry system with no issues.. Please help haha Jamie
  11. All done, many thanks
  12. Bash plate was a bitch but shes on now, now for the radiator
  13. Going to try that, t's about the only way I haven't tried Cheers Jamie
  14. Having a nightmare putting the front end back together, it's like an episode of krypton factor.. What order does it go together out of the radiator, exhaust and engine-radiator-engine guard brackets.. All bits in the picture.. Kind rgds Jamie
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