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  1. Hi Gordo, cant be much help Im afraid, my frame painted silver but there is some evidence of nickel plating under the paint on the swinging arm. Im confident my frame is a Saracen but would be hard pressed to prove it!
  2. Hi TRF, asking Steve at Villiers Services sounds a good idea, I will give him a shout.. Bike mostly in pieces now, very little signs of use, probably because of the large hole in the back of the primary chaincase and the resulting pint of water in there!!! Also two broken springs in the gearbox so full rebuild for the engine, get it running and see what it rides like before I decide on the restoration of the rolling chassis.. Still waiting for a new V5 which may shed some light on its history. Thanks for all the replies, keep em coming
  3. Thanks for the replys so far. The bike has been looked at by Mick Parkes ( ex DMW ), he is not convinced it is a DMW which is a shame as if it was it would be a wonderful piece of history. My late Farther worked for many years fro Harold Nock and spent some time at the Valley Road works. I have washed decades of mud and grime of the bike and it looks in remarkably good condition with very little sign of use. Not sure how rideable it will be but all being well it will have a canter in a few BMCA trials later in the season, when I have got it sorted.
  4. Just brought of ebay. I think its a Saracen. Any information gratefully received. Les
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