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  1. could have come to this solution by myself haha thanks guys, the weather here is **** at the moment, so i couldn´t have ridden anyways
  2. hi! i´v just bought and installed the CSP waterpump kit, everything is fine. but: now that there is a spacer, the waterpumpcover is a bit closer to the exhaust, so the coolant hoses touch the exhaust. i wonder, if one of you has the same waterpump installed and how you have solved this problem. here are two pics: http://trialforum.net/index.php/Attachment/20914-20150518-150356-jpg/?thumbnail=1 http://trialforum.net/index.php/Attachment/20913-20150518-150417-jpg/?thumbnail=1 it´s a beta evo 290 2010 thanks in advance, dani
  3. Beta EVO Schick Racing
  4. didn´t buy this piece of sh** it was totally shot, crankshaft bearings knocked so loud, you couldn´t even hear the exhaust, the kickstarter didn´t go back by himself, silencer was welded to the rear frame, scratches everywhrere, rust whereever a part was that could rust price 1700, but still too much for such a bad bike
  5. it´s not my fault that prices are high here we will have a look at it today, if it isn´t that bad and the price fits, my friend will think about it he´s a beginner and uses it just for riding in the forest and so on, so he doesn´t need such a good end expensive bike, because it will surely get some more scratches
  6. well, the price itself is for austria normal/not high; i bought a 2010 factory evo in mint condition for 3200€ thanks for the tipp with the tensioner, i called the guy yesterday and he doesn´t know anything about trials, so i think i got a good chance to get it for about 1800€. I´ll look at the normal things like bearings, noises, chain, fork seals. i´m sure i´ll find something at such an old bike if it would have had a hard life, it wouldn´t matter that much because my friend is a beginner and will throw her away multiple time, i think ;D if you have any other tips, please write em
  7. hi! on Sunday i´m going to have a look on a scorpa sy 250 what things do i have to look for? are there any special weaknesses? http://www.1000ps.at/gebrauchtes-motorrad-1151010-scorpa-sy-250-racing?pos=0 it´s this one: it says: engine rebuild, new tires, stronger chain ( ), and new grips the trial would be for my friend, but i will go with him there because he´s new to trials and doesn´t know what to look for i´d appreciate all kind of answers ! greets dani
  8. bought the bike, it was in a dream condition! it´s a special model from a local dealer who equipped her with new rims, tripple clamps, factory exhaust, overworked engine and suspension. it still has the original tires on it, which are nearly new
  9. thanks again for such fast and helpful answers! as far as i know from ´11 on they had black frames, so this one might be painted or a newer frame, how do i check this? black colour works great to hide cracks i think... are there any engine noises which aren´t good or which are normal? regarding the frame number: on which position is the year it´s made?
  10. thanks´, helps a lot! so if the rad cap isn´t in the middle of the rad it´s a 09? i hoped to get a cheap shot on that one, but if it is indeed a 2009 it´s not that cheap i´m thankful for any other tips! any weaknesses of this model?
  11. hi! Tomorrow i´m going to see this Beta Evo, the owner claims it to be a 2009 Evo Factory 290, but i doubt that, in my opinion it´s about ~2011 can anyone tell me which year this bike is made? maaybe it´s just a painted frame how do i see it from the frame number? since when do betas have 300 instead of 290cc? are there any other tips about what i have to look for at an evo? http://www.willhaben.at/iad/gebrauchtwagen/motorrad/beta-evo-factory-89178179/?adId=89178179 it´s this bike greets Dani
  12. i´ll change the outer ones now i´ve split the case last autumn, so i wouldn´t want to split it again ^^
  13. i think i know how to see if it´s the two bearings on the clutch side or the one bearing at the transmission side if i pull the clutch, the noise doesn´t go away so it has to be the those two bearings on the clutch side, because if i pull the clutch, the shaft of the transmission doesn´t turn anymore but if the noise is still there it has to be the two bearings
  14. first off all: thank you for your fast answers! well the clutch shaft has play, you can feel it pretty well. i´m not sure how to check if the two bearings cause the knocking, does someone have tips`?
  15. well, at mine it might not be normal, because if i twist the throttle it gets louder tomorrow i´ll check if the clutch basket has play or something i hope it´s nothing bad
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