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  1. Ok, serious question: Can you recall a section that you have seen at a championship level trial that had the qualities to challenge both top and not-so-top riders, WITHOUT the big flying leaps, and what was it that made that section so effective? And second, what would the response (both rider and public) be to a trial consisting of nothing but that type of section? Really curious to what your responses will be.
  2. Hello, new to the forum and to trials. Recently purchased a 2001 Rev 3 270 and have recently noticed a definite "clunk" in the front. Thought it was the head bearings, but further research investigation has made me find that the front disk is rotating in its mounts. ( I'd say I can rotate it back and forth about a millimeter on the outside edge.) I know they are supposed to be floating discs, but that much? Any specs as to how much play (I can't find any). Lastly, is the remedy new spacers, or ? Thanks in advance for the help.
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