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  1. 600 miles in the first month? That'll be a first on a Trials bike unless you're entering the cancelled SSDT in May Front sprocket - I would leave it a 10t as going to a 9t can wear the swingarm slipper (did on mine) and just change the rear sprocket to give you more finesse on ratios (1 tooth on front sprocket is equivalent to 3-4 on rear) and I either run 10/42 or 10/44 Putoline is fine for air filter, as you have it already Exhaust is fine, just get rid of any Cat (not sure if they fit one) and ask dealer if they have removed the restrictors
  2. Unless you particularly want/need a Majesty or Yam twinshock, a Yamaha TY250 Mono and Pinky may be a better choice The Monoshock TY250 is lighter/more power and there are classes suitable at most local trials and the National Kia/Normandale series now for aircooled Mono bikes
  3. Just wait for the mandatory unleaded E10 to be available in UK, later in 2021 The ethanol will eat through fibreglass and a lot of plastic tanks then
  4. Those 1990 Yams, are going up in price again now too
  5. if you want to race an enduro or MX event (we're not talking top level circuit racing), as a Clubman or do a 4 day trial as a social or a classic event For a £5000 Trials bike, you will need to lodge a £2000 returnable deposit to cover import and export of your bike for a Sporting Trial Copied from TBM - Trailbike & Enduro Magazine BREXIT - the gift that keeps on giving.... The ACU just now issued a press release that explains how racing motorcycles being taken to European events now need a carnet to travel. And it's the opposite of cheap, check out the following section of the release: "The Auto-Cycle Union has secured a special deal with the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce (GBCC) for ACU members of a fixed price processing/arrangement fee of £240+VAT. This is discounted from the standard fee of £330+VAT that non-members of the GBCC would pay. Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce is appointed as part of a network of Chambers around the country to issue ATA Carnets. The second part of the fee is the Premium. This can either be a refundable deposit of 40% of the vehicle’s value or a non-refundable insurance premium to cover the 40% proportion of the premium." Our reading of that – yeah it's going to cost you £288 plus a refundable deposit of 40% of the bike's value (and for a new KTM you could be talking £4000!) or hopefully a fair deal on an insurance policy (from whom we don't know and at what cost). And jeez, if you're talking two bikes (like below) in the van, yep that's £576, plus £8000 please... But no worries lads – it's all good, we've got our sovereignty! Talk about buyer's remorse... https://www.acu.org.uk/News/2021/02/Movement-of-Motorcycle-Vehicles-Post-Brexit/
  6. Yamaha will do you a Cert of Newness, better than a Q Plate
  7. If you send a V62 form to DVLA with the chassis and engine number (plus pics), they will give you the original registration number that the bike was MOT'd on Costs you £25 No need for an awkward Q plate
  8. Here's a link to the part lists https://www.cmsnl.com/honda-cota-4rt-2006-6_model32013/partslist/#.YBbfVjH7TIU
  9. The 4RT doesn't need a battery to run, it wasn't designed to run a battery by Honda and HRC This is probably the source of your non starting woes, if someone has fitted a battery? It doesn't need one, why did the previous owner think it did? Remove the stupid battery and return the 4RT to stock, set tickover at 1800 rpm and the bike will run and run
  10. Tempted by the Yamaha, but also fancy a 4Ride as I want to do some more observing now at Centre trials and maybe SSDT and a few LDT's too - so the 4Ride makes more sense
  11. All food for thought, I was considering a new 2021 Yam WR250F for £7700 this year, but may look at the 4Ride at £5900 instead Coming from a Trials background, I much prefer the more technical trails, to the flat out 50mph ones (not a speed freak)
  12. Freeride?? No thanks?
  13. Will do I fancy an 83kg trailbike, as hauling around my current 130kg (fuelled) one is no joke on technical lanes Down your way in WSM it would be perfect for the Devon and Dorset tricky lanes Up here in Yorkshire, we have a lot of open Fell going and on an Enduro bike you can easily ride at 40-50mph Not sure how good the suspension on the 4Ride would cope on faster going, only thing that is putting me off, at present
  14. I am fancying one too, I hear the 2020 version has a different front caliper, for more bite
  15. The Christmas special with the Yam TYZ feature was great
  16. johnnyboxer

    Beta 300 4rt

    Acklams Beta, sell the flap too
  17. johnnyboxer

    Beta 300 4rt

    Yep, try a 4RT too?
  18. Nigel Birkett at Birkett Motorsport will know your fixes, he is the Scorpa dealer and importer
  19. You cannot shut off on a 4RT and then expect to recover grip, like you can on a 2t bike
  20. I am sure it will be safe, however you made need top ups or boosters Vaccine is the only way out of this, no other way talking to Medics (as I have been) Letting it run through the population, would be carnage and to achieve herd immunity naturally via infection would take decades (and a new virus will be there to get us) Unless we have an effective Vaccine - we will be in a state of semi (followed by permanent Lockdown) Lockdown, we will never get through this
  21. Looks like all Motorsport permits, for the new lockdown period in England, have been cancelled by the ACU tonight
  22. So with the new lockdown, will practice grounds close and trials be cancelled?
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