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  1. i have dabbled with twinshocks over the years Yam Majesty etc, but they are 30 years old and are costly to keep running week in, week out and I find the TYZ, a decent classic type alternative, for club trials It's well built, sounds great (induction) and goes well in sections and the suspension is ok too, plus it grips for England Non engine spares, can become a problem, but generally it's robust etc That said the 4RT is also a great bike (though not for all)
  2. I see, thanks for the explanation and makes sense, that they do the World rounds, for their sponsors
  3. I have more fun (and better results) on my 25 year old 1996 Yam TYZ 250, than my newer 4RT Such a great engine, still
  4. I see from the coverage on Facebook and ACU, that this last weekend's Devon round, had only 1, yes.......a single Championship Class rider and that was Iwan Roberts What is going on ? (I know Covid) The Trial2 and Trial Expert Classes & Trial 125 were well supported So is this what the British Championship has become? Too many classes, no blue riband British Champion?
  5. Why? It's a sporting event, outdoors with an ACU permit Sporting events are exempt from the 6 or less, are permitted
  6. My TYZ with a WES silencer sounds well throaty
  7. Thanks Andy, for your reply and much appreciated Interesting stats and debate
  8. Turn up and ride, plenty of helping hands and advice at a Trial Don't be afraid, you won't show yourself up
  9. I log on every few days, from time to time and click New topics Nowadays, every post seems about how to fix this bike or that bike, what's wrong with this grub screw etc Nothing about the actual sport of Trials I have noticed this over the past year or so (so don't blame lockdown) When Trials Central first started it was all about Trials riding, comps, views, differing techniques................now it's got boring and just like a Trials bike repair shop Last week I tried to discuss Trials after lockdown, the influence of social distancing at events etc..................what happened? 5 or 6 replies and that was it Does anybody actually compete on their bikes anymore or just go to play and practice? Years ago, you would get commentaries on the SSDT and Scott, plus WTC.................now nothing, last year's SSDT 2019 barely got a mention What's going on??
  10. Just asking for your views as the ACU committee will no doubt be reading all viewpoints
  11. I see that outdoor 'non contact sports' may go head and resume later this month, so that leads us onto the sport we enjoy Apart from section queues, I think some good measure of social distancing, can be achieved and Club and Centre Trials Nationals and bigger events, like Scott and SSDT with large amounts of Spectators may be more tricky Just before lock down I was at the Cleveland National and they had sectioned off and roped off sections, so spectators and riders were 'distanced' Punch cards were abandoned, in favour of marker boards by Observers and 2 Observers per section (not necessary at a Club trial) Practice grounds - I see our local one is reopening tomorrow and working on a permit system, with just 2 vehicles per day there Trials are going to be different for a while and section queuing needs addressing for sure, especially at smaller venues, with large number of sections on a smaller land area
  12. Yorkshire, it's all huge great rocks and natural streams Or Devon, on Dartmoor Peak district would be closer for you Scotland is also very rocky
  13. Yes, I believe their entries have been sent back, however I now see Spain is now fast moving towards crisis level, with CV19
  14. I see at the Cleveland National this weekend, they have decided to not use the punch card system (to avoid close contact between riders and checker) and gone back to using clip boards and pens Very sensible
  15. Wiener Neustadt X Trial cancelled in Austria this weekend
  16. Mine did the same, once..............riding between sections in 4th and it cut out, I nearly went over the bars.............just like it had run out of fuel Stopped, restarted it and did a section fine, back along the same track in 4th and same again So this was on Lap 1, struggled back to the paddock (numerous restarts and hiccups) Topped up tank, but in reality it was virtually full and changed the plug She ran right, for the rest of the Trial A chap I know, who has one had a look at it and it turned out to be the tea bag filter, under the tank which was full of crap Needs a 1800 rpm tickover though
  17. Kictstarts & gear levers Front master cylinder and throttle Clutch perch Levers Speedo, cable and drive Lights Air filter cage and strap, foam filter Petrol cap Rear swingarm rear sprocket plastic guard are interchangeable Maybe Alloy TYZ swingarm, with some mods, possibly shock too, with mods
  18. I still use one If I was buying a new bike, I would go for that option to be refitted, over a lanyard affair Button has served me well for 40 years
  19. So true, sat in a queue at a section, gives you a glimpse of some of the crap tyres on bikes
  20. I use Michelin X11, compared to road bike tyres they are well priced Enduro tyres cost more and last less, when trail riding and doing roadwork - we generally use a harder compound rear, for road use and I am using a Metzeler MC360 on the rear and it's like a brick, it's that hard
  21. ELF HTX740 in the GearBox
  22. johnnyboxer

    4RT to 4T?

    Honest view - you have a hardly ridden 2016 bike (your words) 260 Mont..............why not keep that, as the 2020 Mont is just the same Ask yourself, why aren't you riding it? Is it an ornament? Ride the one you have, instead Trials bikes and zero maintenance don't mix, if you're not a fettler................don't buy a Trials bike However if you want a Beta 4T, buy one................Just ride it more often or it's a waste and just an ornament
  23. My TYZ came back the same, even with a longer Jap style VIN Just go down the reg route
  24. I have a 2007 Repsol and it's fine - typical Honda and I couldn't tell a huge difference with the 260's when I tested one, however the 300RR was lovely, much more at the bottom and the Tech fork felt lighter
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