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  1. Luisfdt

    1974 TY250 build

    Thanks you, will it loosen to the left or right?
  2. Luisfdt

    1974 TY250 build

    Hey guys, I’m new here and new to building this 2 stroke Yamaha. My neighbor was moving out and asked me if I was interested in his old bike, it was in pieces and missing a couple parts, but over all it looks like with some time and effort it can be back to running! Plus I’m out of projects right now so what the heck! anyways, I was in the middle of tearing down the engine to clean and rebuild, he already had the cases split and they came off with just hitting them slightly with a mallet. I’ll got the other case completely stripped except for a few bearing, but I’m stuck on taking out the primary drive gear from the crank shaft, just here to ask if there any way to do this at this point since I can’t use the other methods I’ve read about.
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