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  1. gooseneck

    Changing 4Rt Oil

    Smith and Allens own brand oil, 10w 40, change her every 2 trials, filter every 6th. Filter is a bit awkward to get in but a little patients should see you right. As someone already said a bit of grease on the spring too to hold it in.
  2. Kick it over twice, slowly. Third kick she should go no problem. Also take the slack up in the throttle too. If she doesn't go, hold the throttle wide open and kick it a couple of times. Then repeat process above. Hope this helps!
  3. Been caught out there myself. Always make sure it's brim full before you get on that start ramp. Every last drop counts.
  4. Let's face it, it was always a honda anyway just with a few mont stickers on . Makes no odds if you ask me !
  5. Monts may be expensive but they always hold there money. In the long run the mont won't cost you as much as you may think!
  6. And honda like to be different !
  7. gooseneck

    New Fantic ?

    2006 it was posted on here amongst other sites.
  8. gooseneck

    New Fantic ?

    I think that picture has been around for a while now!
  9. Don't spoil an awesome bike with a crap tyre, just put a Michelin on and have done with it. They may be a few £££ more but well worth it!
  10. gooseneck

    Ty250 Carb

    Any advice on basic setup on ty 250 carb!
  11. gooseneck

    2014 Montesa?

    I don't think any of the other trials manufacture's could match the quality of a Honda irrespective if the weight etc. In my opinion.
  12. gooseneck

    2014 Montesa?

    JRSunt is on the money! I also have been riding a 4rt for 8 years. In fact, I am still riding my original 05 4rt which I bought from new! It's as standard, bar a few cosmetic changes and slightly different gearing. You don't need to do anything to them but ride them! They may be expensive but my mont doesn't owe me a penny. Iv had nothing wrong with it, I'm out most weekends on it and I can still win the odd trial on it! If Montesa - Honda think that all they needed was to make a few changes to them, then that's good enough for me! I personaly think the new cheaper option will be a big hit especially with clubman riders such as myself. Watch this space !
  13. gooseneck

    2014 Montesa?

    Do we know anything about it yet?
  14. gooseneck

    2014 Montesa?

    Lol! I'm very jealous of you going! Can't wait to see some photos! Is it me or has it not been very well publicised ??
  15. gooseneck

    2014 Montesa?

    Any gossip on the next mont? Are we getting a new updated bike or is it all just rumour?
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