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  1. exactly he won the last two events of the year gaining command of the pro class for good not many lumps i dont know how you could rise to the top any faster than that. Another podium for Putt yesterday great to see someone entering the pro class not at the bottom. but still a long ways from pat. Defiantly the most interesting pro class in years
  2. Pat practiced a lot, but got his ass handed to him in the Pro class here when he started! Not a happy lad! Yet he had the perseverance to hang in there and gain the experience! Im confused i thought Pat won 2 of the 8 events in his rookie year how is that having his ass handed to him?
  3. hensley

    Gg Radonne

    I was thinking would make local trials more interesting if all sandbaggers had to use them
  4. I am also 6'4" 245 lbs and ride langley once a year (super place to ride) its 165 miles trip for us. google for neott trials and you will get the northeast oklahoma club they still hold an event or 2 a year at langley also monthly events at several locations. as far as set up im not sure on beta but on my gas gas 2014 with reiger i set them stiff and it works great for me a set of Buffalo bars from Ryan young may be to your liking but i am happy with the stock bars on my gas gas. You have one of the greatest places to ride in the Midwest maybe in the whole USA in your backyard you shouldn't have much trouble finding riding buddies and you may need one to spot as you advance to the big rocks be careful and have fun
  5. 22kg are you sure is that their 250 4 stroke? what does a gg pro engine weigh?
  6. Just curious back a few years ago it was mandated all bikes were going to have to be 4 stroke then the manufacturers got around it and 2 strokes survived but Honda has remained 4 stroke on the world level is that the only 4 stroke to competing now? I also noticed Honda advertises their new production model has a motor revamped to ride like a 2 stroke instead of offering a new 2 stroke engine. So i am wondering is the ruling 2 stroke is ok only temporary?
  7. Does anyone know roughly how much cheaper the 4t is than the repisol also does the reprsol have besides carbon fiber and showa
  8. hensley

    It's About Time!

    My local delarship in missouri says the have already discussed it and are going to put one on the floor
  9. hensley

    Best Bike

    I agree with sting Ive bought basicaly nothing for my gas gas my son has broken a few parts in crashes he used to ride like this that was good for a dent in the tank and and a bent exaust reckon a beta or a sherco would fair about the same. Now that he is settled down and quit doing stupid stuff and just riding trials its pretty bulletproof. Other than reworking the exaust $58 worth of parts thats all we have spent on that bike except one $40 shifter lever and several pairs of tires and grips in over 2 years of some pretty big crashes.
  10. My son instead of riding expert class at the nationals spends time and $$$ riding mx at local track on friday night in novice class its 30 miles away and has around 100 riders his age and younger. he will probably never be real good at mx he is too old to start out and his 6' 6 frame a little large also. I love trials but am a poor rider so we cant really ride together no one to ride with in his area.In his life He has probably both practiced and competed in 10% of the events that most riders at his level has and could be riding pro today if he wanted to work his job 10-15 hrs per week or cut girlfriend time out and spend thousands traveling the nationals each year which might be fine for upper middle class looking for entertainment but not very practical for farm boys.He still does regionals and is ahead in the series might win this year if he even shows up for rest of series. The solution I have no idea I dont think there is one. I guess ill join the group that says trials will probably never grow much. (unless there is someone who can make some money by promoting it it wont grow) but it cant be killed either ( no stop business a good way to plumb kill it to me) its to much fun for 2-3-4 just to get together and ride sections. I do know if there was a stadium trials event on Friday might 30 miles away i would be there every week. To me riding trials is the best hobby or sport around by far second to none but convincing the rest of the world or even a small part is damn hard.
  11. I cant find any but ive been told both 125 and 200 available next year Im not sure of the size of the 200 it may be 163cc like the scorpa 175.
  12. I heard its a possibility for next year to tag them I dont need liscence to run back farm roads in missouri.next year the 200 will be offered.my 125 Zips down the road bout as good as my 250 yamaha xt dual sport. i was hoping to play a bit while i was going after cows but im not good enough rider to do much on it. now a 200 with emmisions work might be different. All the sandbaggers who are riding down a bit because they dont want the bigger stuff in the afternoon should have to ride a randonne there would be less clean loops or clean cards.
  13. Just went to 11/48 sprokets and helped low end a lot. Anyone have sugestions on exaust. The header pipe not available in usa. Thinking about empty side converter and cutting out bulge in header and unhooking breathing tube any tips if i do do i need to rejet, .
  14. I think it might just be a wire unhooked? My reasoning for buying it is it would be more veritable and reliable farm bike than a ttr125 Yamaha. Gearing right now is perfect for gravel roads and chip and seal but if id gear it down a little I could play while getting up the cows.
  15. I just got a new randonne to use on my dairy farm. spedo lights up tach works but mph stays at zero odometer also doesnt work I didnt get a manuali printed one off but it has no wiring diagram and need a wiring diagram anyone know what the spedo problem might be? Also i would like to ger it lower so it would be more trials like currently it has 11/42 i have a 48 rear coming should i drop countershaft also and what sprocket is it (same as ttr?) also what other tuning lots of emissions on bike any tips ? Bike is a fantastic trail bike im really impressed.
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