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  1. automotive fluid sometimes does not have the heat tolerance that a a powersports fluid does. I may be biased as well because I am the parts manager of a powersports dealership. Good point about contamination!
  2. Free play in the brake is required to keep the brake from dragging and over heating. Free play can be minimal but make sure you still have some slack after the fluid has heated up (fluid expands when warm). The fluid reservoir cap will tell you what fluid to use in the system (dot 3, dot 4, dot 5). Do not use anything but the recommended fluid (higher number is not an upgrade). Use a high temp powersports brake fluid and not an auto parts store brand. It does sound to me like your disc is glazed over though.
  3. I have had the same trouble. I solved it by removing the disc and cutting a new cross hatch pattern into it with a scuff pad on my right angle die grinder (carefull not to cut grooves and cause a pulsation). This removes the surface glaze on the disc. I recommend new pads when doing this. The brake fluid could also contribute to the weak feel. old brake fluid can absorb condensation and lose the pressure required to squeeze. Good brake fluid is not milky at all. Brake fluid is hydrophilic (absorbs water easily). The other possibilities include a hose with internal damage, a leak, improper adjustment preventing full stroke of master cylinder or simply air in the system. I hope this helps.
  4. I found a replacement ignition from www.pentonracingproducts.com it is called a PVL igniion to replace motoplat. Click on the "parts listing" tab on the header. I have found older stuff for my customers there before. Item number is 80153
  5. Thanks for the reply. I do plan on making the next event at the dam in December. I appreciate the advice on the settings and am going to stick with what I have.
  6. thanks for the advise. I have not noticed it being too soft for what I am doing now but sometimes a bike change suggested by a more experienced person can make a big difference. I have adjusted the pre-load and damping adjusters per the owners manual but it did not provide a sag setting. Sag may not be a factor for trials - I don't know.
  7. Hello, My name is Ryan and I am returning to riding after a 4 year long break (had daughter). I have been riding for 33 years and competed in enduros in Colorado for many years. I recently bought a 2003 beta Rev3 250 to get back on a bike. I am a novice trials rider even though I WAS an A level enduro rider. I live near the Grand River Dam in Northeast Oklahoma and have a great practice area in the washed out dam run off. If anyone is nearby please contact me so we can go ride. I am a bigger guy and was wondering if anyone had any advise for setting up a bike for a 245lbs 6'4" rider. Does anyone have a source for heavier springs? are they needed at my skill level? I am already running a tall bend handlebar that is as wide as I could find. I could not find any info searching the forums so forgive me if this has been covered already.
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