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  1. brewtus

    My first Fantic!

    Got a nice one there, PDX. Your son sent me that photo when you got it, looks pretty decent! Judging by your TY and Montesa refurbs, that one will also be sweet when you are done. 👍 Getting a weak spot in my head for Fantics ever since I bought a 305 for the SO to compete in our Vintage club with. I'm up to 9 Montesas, so maybe it's time for another Fantic... 😎
  2. brewtus

    TY 80 forks

    Fork tubes aren't cast. Perhaps a pic of what you are describing will help.
  3. brewtus

    TY 80 forks

    Based solely on your description, it sounds like the plug weld that secures the threaded insert.
  4. brewtus

    TY175 - Phase 2 tested!

    Very nice!
  5. brewtus

    Denver Trials scene ???

    You need some quality peg time....
  6. brewtus

    TY 80

    We need another run of manifolds since the team has acquired what, something like 5 or 6 more bikes since that first run was made. I understand that the machinist that made them for us was considering selling and retiring, so I guess we'd better hustle.
  7. brewtus

    TY 80

    The carb is a Mikuni VM18, got it from Viperizer racing. It came in a Sudco box, though - http://www.viperizerracing.com/Mikuni-VM18-Carburetor-p/su001.001.htm The manifolds we had made, all that is (somewhere) in the ADV thread I sent. There was a carb/manifold kit on Fleabay some years ago with VM20 carb and a custom manifold, but I haven't seen it in years, and a 20 is a bit big for a 72cc Trials bike.
  8. brewtus


    I never tire of the banter between you two. As mentioned above, high revs on full "choke" is not an uncommon occurrence on 315Rs. I control it by manually moving the enrichener ("choke") lever manually, keeping the revs up (but not to the moon) until the engine will idle without it. It usually doesn't take very long. Congrats on your purchase! Got any pics?
  9. brewtus

    TY 80

    Sorta... https://advrider.com/f/threads/the-compleat-yamaha-ty80-thread.574301/page-20
  10. brewtus

    Lower Foot Rests?

    Some light reading for you - https://advrider.com/f/threads/fun-with-outright-junk.562129/ Enjoy!
  11. brewtus

    Still can't find the missing needle bearing - advice?

    No worries, your secret is safe with us!
  12. brewtus

    Central Arkansas Trialers?

    Are some of the Arkansas Trials Riders in you area? The ones that hosted a National in Uniontown in June? A link to them can be found on the NATC website.
  13. brewtus

    Before and After COTA 349

    Very nice! Not a bad resto for a bus driver!
  14. brewtus

    1st post

    I knew I had seen it somewhere - nif https://picclick.co.uk/Montesa-Cota-315r-232880746100.html Damn nifty, but I think it's a custom build. Still makes me drool, though!
  15. brewtus

    Show Us Your Montesa!

    Another joined the Scuderia on Sunday. An early '97, abused, neglected, butchered, and abandon in a shed in Santa Fe - I was told it runs. We'll see....