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  1. 3 is too many?? I have 9 and am on the lookout for a couple more!! 3 is too many.....
  2. I believe the Pro Honda SS-25 is the same fluid as the Showa-branded SS25.
  3. Try these folks - https://www.trialsbikebreakersuk.com/search?type=product&q=Montesa*
  4. brewtus

    Ty 80 con rod

    We've had several TY80 cranks rebuilt using conrod kits from Yambits, all came with thrust washers, none were used because the assembled crank would have been too wide with them installed. Our crank rebuilder rarely if ever uses them unless there is excessive wear on the crank throws.
  5. Welding equipment is no problem, overthinking the relocation mods were. I was moving more towards removing those huge OE footpeg lugs and fabbing frame plates for the peg mounts, but relocating the brake pedal cleanly had me a tad stumped. Your solution has me thinking in another direction, and I think it will be a lot cleaner and MUCH less involved than my original idea. Thanks for the pics and the descriptions! As for now, it's loaded in the trailer alongside the 4RT for some Trials fun in Texas this weekend. Hijack over. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming....
  6. Wow, you weren't kidding about modded!! Thanks, this gives me ideas.
  7. Not to derail this thread, but do you have pics of your footrest mods? I'd love to upgrade my MRR.
  8. To what end? Do you enjoy listening to the constant drone of an external fuel pump all day long? Fabricating a plate for the fuel tank? Plumbing an external fuel filter and fitting said plumbing into the injector? Determining the exact voltage to make the external pump run without taxing the OE fuel pump wiring harness/stator/regulator? Lots of work involved to replace something that works just fine the way it is. Why the desire for an external pump?
  9. brewtus

    ty80 questions

    And the story will continue today......
  10. brewtus

    Too smoky!

    Well alrighty then. Good luck! ?
  11. brewtus

    Too smoky!

    25:1?? I run Motul 710 at 60:1 in aviation fuel in all the air-cooled Trials bikes I have (TY80, 304 Montesa, 348 Montesa, 305 Fantic....) with no problems at all. Pistons, rings, bearings and cranks are all happy and no drooling goo. Modern oils are SOOO much better than the goop that was available when that manual was printed. Just sayin'.
  12. Here you are! https://www.handdracing.co.uk/product-page/s3-a-piston-and-rings-kit
  13. brewtus

    Some help please :)

    Fantic 309 Honda 4-stroke transplant is.....different. Not internally geared for serious Trials use, but good for......something.
  14. You can also try Mike at the Tryals Shop. Lots of inventory, very skilled, has our TY80 cranks done in a jiff! http://www.tryalsshop.com/
  15. I would concedar such, but have no stake in this.
  16. 315R - https://www.overlandtrail.biz/Montesa Parts Books.htm
  17. Some might say a little too dog friendly. Hope to see you soon!
  18. Okay, I'll bite. 315s weren't made in 1979, they didn't show up until 1997. Don't mind helping out, but gotta know exactly what you have first.
  19. As much stuff (both new and used) that I've bought out of the UK, I figure it's a wash.
  20. I could do this all day. Kwak in Utah - https://saltlakecity.craigslist.org/mcy/d/lehi-1976-kawasaki-kt250-trials/6796685822.html And a 349 in Illinois - https://peoria.craigslist.org/mcy/d/peoria-1982-Montesa-349-trials-bike/6793511165.html
  21. Since I'm here, the latest road trip consideration for my collection - https://billings.craigslist.org/mcy/d/missoula-1993-fantic-junior-80-rare/6769998458.html No, it's not a Twinshock. No, I don't care.
  22. I was under the impression that this has sold, then the ad popped up again. Hope it's not a scam.
  23. No worries. Ping me on my cell, the number is still in PMs we sent. Schedules for 3 clubs that we ride have been finalized. We can get you riding soon and often!
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