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  1. @caravan_monster hey , yep is that , if you sell it, I'm really interested
  2. @caravan_monster hey ! thanks for the answer , yep its the damper rod who is broken at home , surely in the same way 😅 because I found pieces in the fork that was not supposed to be in the photo, I'm looking for the rod which is attached to the cap who has a blue wheel which is not there either , the bottom is fine but the cap part is totally destroyed and of course all this piece is in one part normally , me it’s in 3 pieces (maybe a lego fork lol) this is the piece I'm looking for, but with the cap
  3. hello, yes thanks until 2006 I think it's the same ,but impossible to find one on the net , I had found one in my country (france) but too expensive 600 at this price(close) I have a fork almost complete
  4. Hey , thanks but all its for paioli , sadly
  5. Hi all I'm looking for a damper fork (right side) but I do not really find anything (maybe one in russian site but...) used or new its a montesa 2001 , rainbow showa 39mm you have an idea of a site? where can I have a chance to find one or maybe an adaptable damper forks ? its the n11 have a nice day !
  6. hey , if it is only the piston and not the crankshaft bearings, I am reassured me who can’t find the segments in france it's perfect. Thank you , both
  7. Hi everyone, I tried to look but found nothing? maybe i have looked badly , its my first montesa and she makes a hard sound , like that it smells like a bearing crankshaft ? i haven't dissasemble the cylinder because i wait the parts (seals) so its was normal sound or not ? thanks for all and have a nice day (sorry for my english)
  8. Hello I am French , living in France , I apologize first of all , for my grammar , passionate motorbike car and paragliding I have a 315r with small worries but I like it anyway for the car it is a sunny and paragliding a alpha 3 This is all ,if there are any questions a nide day !
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