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  1. The one advertised on here isn't my bike. It's a genuine sale bike. My bike had a couple of differences that are easy for me to spot on a photo.
  2. Police have the full vin number, details and photo's on their system.
  3. Yeah stevie, it may be in your area now. Keep your eyes peeled ! Cheers
  4. Thanks fb. The bike comes as standard with ohlins rear shock, titanium front pipe, blue frame and wheels with "factory" decals, white plastics, ect so it stands out from the crowd. It has gold fork yokes, with limited edition 086 stamped on. Only 40 of this model in the uk, and around eight in scotland.
  5. I had my 2014 sherco factory replica bike stolen from a garage in the falkirk area of central scotland. The bike is limited edition number 086, and has frame, fork, swing-arm and casing guards fitted. If anyone has seen, been offered, or has any info about my bike please call 07930 873192. Thanks.
  6. The world round in bangor northern ireland was great. The parc ferme was on the edge of town, with the sections along the coast. This made it easy for spectators to watch the action, and there was a big financial gain for the town too.
  7. Cracking photos tony. It was a great night for a "wee scoot" !
  8. demmo

    Scorpa 280 Sr

    If it's the auld sherco engine, pull the flywheel off, mark where the stator is, slacken the 3 bolts, then move the stator plate about 5mm, rebuild and try it out. It made a difference to my 04, 06, and 09 bikes.
  9. demmo

    Scorpa 280 Sr

    Tie a knot in the throttle cable so you can't rev it so much !
  10. Well done to the sacu. We got there in the end !
  11. demmo

    Formula Brakes

    I bled the front "formula" brake on my 6 month old sherco. It was amazing the amount of grey gunk that came out. After being flushed through it made my brake feel more positive. It was a cheep & easy fix.
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