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  1. Looking at a new bike whats everyones thoughts trs rr or gasgas gp
  2. It is placed in the bottom of the radiator
  3. Can anybody tell me what's the best way to remove the thermostat on a GasGas 2014 Any help would be appreciated
  4. Perhaps the numbers were down due to the venue, the 2011 round at fort William was packed with people.
  5. Does anyone else think they should take the WTC back to fort William nevis range as Penrith was good but not a patch on Scotland ?
  6. Can anyone tell me where I can buy a Gasgas 2013 alloy exhaust muffler end cap in the uk ?
  7. Does anyone know why Raga was riding the Pro Racing bike and not his ?
  8. I would use motul 300v 5/40 it's meant for 4t but was told by a Gas Gas mechanic it's the best one to use! Wouldn't use anything else http://www.motul.com/gb/en/products/14?f%5Brange%5D=21&f%5Bviscosity%5D=34
  9. Can anyone tell me actually what gets checked on a Pi inspection on a new bike?
  10. Thanks again Taff Might as well give it a go.lol Good Luck
  11. Do I need to become a member of the club to ride over that way? Cheers
  12. Cheers for the information Taff Can you tell me if there is much diffence between the Guisboruogh trials than Weardale Ones? Thanks
  13. Hi can anyone give me any directions for Rogerley Quarry Frosterley, Weardale as I will be traverlling from teesside? Thanks
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