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  1. Well thanks for all your useful information, I was hoping there would be an actual tool that Braktec recommended, but haven't had a reply from them yet! Surely the Trials teams that use this must know? I want to remove the caps, pistons and seals, so I can get them powder coated a particular colour. Thanks again for your thought and if and if I ever do a get a reply from Braktec, I'll let you know.
  2. Sorry if this is the wrong section, but I thought this subject is not specific to one make of bike and would get more chance of getting a reply in this section. The new style Braktec monobloc brakes have two covers on the front face (as seen in the attached photo), which look like Torx, but the size of Torx wrench has me stumped, on where to get that size. Anybody else removed these covers, what tool did you use please? Thanks for your assistance. Cheers
  3. Also signed petition. I would of thought this is in the interest of virtually every person in the UK, as it's likely to effect either directly or indirectly themselves or someone they know!
  4. Couldn't agree more, as a rider, I always thank the observers and organisers, I appreciate and respect them for their dedication and help, for without them, our sport would be in a sorry state. All too often, riders forget or don't care about those who make the events what they are. Working unsociable shifts, I get little time to attend events as much as I would like, but I have for many, many years now, observed for my local Club, on the ACU Classic Trials Championship and ACU National Trials Championship rounds. It is very noticeable, that it is the minority that say thank you, or even acknowledge you at all. More often than not now, I feel like I should have not bothered and done something else with my time. This was not the case many years ago, it would have been the majority, who spoke to you and thanked you for your time. I have admit, I nolonger look forward to observing at these events and I am now seriously thinking of calling it a day! Riders, whoever they maybe (top British Championship or just your average Clubman), need to seriously consider their actions, as the future of their sport, may well be very different, if the volunteers are no longer prepared to do what they do.
  5. So glad Graham is getting the recognition and rewards, he justly deserves. I always thought he didn't get the true recognition, when he was doing trials, as Dougie was getting it all. Well done Graham.
  6. So far polls on the show are 84% ??
  7. I guess we will have to wait until the EICMA show at Milan, in November. ;-)
  8. A wild guess, ym "year model". ;-)
  9. Congratulations Joe, that new silencer is going to look fab on your new bike. Nice one.
  10. Sorry I can't help you, but someone who has a manual for 1985 RTL, should be able to.
  11. Joe you've done an outstanding job, looking forward to receiving mine when it's ready (no rush). I'm thinking along the same lines as jj65, a very light weight carbon cover, although it could prove quite expensive to produce a handful, unless theirs a DIY carbon fibre builder amongst us? Although their could be demand from other RTL owners, with damaged silencers.
  12. Looks great to me, my current Alpinestars are due for replacement, sole is worn out, so I'll wait for these now.
  13. Same for me, nice to meet you Franck and finally to see your bike. Thank you for bringing it over for us to see. ?
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