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  1. How come I've just replied to a post from May 2014?? johnnyboxer I'll get you... *said in a Dick Dastardly voice*
  2. Someone may come on and tell us all the annealing technicalities and fair enough. When I bent mine though I took it off the bike, mounted it in a vise and gently heated the bend with a butane gas torch whilst applying a bit of pressure on the end. Once it got to a suitable temperature it easily bent a few degrees then stopped. I heated it again and again it bent a few degrees. I repeated probably about 6 or 7 times until it was back where I wanted it. Never had a problem with it afterwards.
  3. +1 on that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcUeothSPyc
  4. wherry

    Gas Gas Future?

    Where are OSSA, if anywhere, in all this?
  5. +1 on new tyres. It'll make the world of difference.
  6. Just a thought but if you've maybe used up all your current enthusiasm go away and do something else for a week or two. Then come back to it with a clearer mind and renewed enthusiasm.
  7. Yup you could build it up with a 2-pack filler as above or maybe try Lumiweld. I must admit I haven't heard much at all about Lumiweld for quite a few years now but it still exists according to Google. We used to use it during vintage car restorations years ago. It's a low temperature 'welding' product.
  8. wherry

    4Rt Rear Rims ?

    Yep. Older Mont 315 wheels are 36. Certainly my '02 with the slotted rim and my previous '99 with the solid flange are both 36 hole.
  9. 2. I haven't worked with the Dellorto PHBH 26 carb; anything weird to look out for? Yes it has 2 pilot jets one under the other. The one at the bottom of the casting has some tiny holes in it that will block up if you look at it the wrong way! Once you've cleaned the carb it makes sense to put an inline fuel filter on the fuel supply.
  10. The only thing that made my old single pot brake caliper behave was a new AJP master cylinder.
  11. Looks like it's a conversion by Peter Jerrad according to #8 of this old thread - http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/4130-fraser/
  12. wherry


    OK here's some for starters. May 1985. If memory serves this was the 1st trial I did on the new to me Italjet. I think the hill climb turned out to be a 4th gear blast - 3rd just wasn't enough.. I quite liked the green with the white mudguards and replaced the pattern ones on here then with some proper, almost square section Italjet ones from somewhere in Colchester that was a dealer for them back then.
  13. FWIW in my experience the best pads I tried were the Braking pads. Whatever pads you have you can improve matters by getting the disc nice and hot by riding around with the brake on, then throwing some cold water over it all. Don't ask me the technical aspects of why/how it works - it just does! If that still doesn't do the trick the one thing that made my single pot Grimeca brakes work well was to ditch the old Grimeca master cylinder and put a new 4RT AJP master cylinder on. Reasonably expensive but compared to having a cr4p brake with a variable biting point, worth every penny. I spent quite a time with poor brakes and tried re-building everything. Nothing made any difference except changing the M/C. I think the bore gets worn so even putting a seal kit in doesn't make much difference. Just my thoughts. I hope you get satisfaction..
  14. Early 90s K-Roo by the look of it.
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