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  1. Thanks for the info. Splatshop were great, would highly recommend. Fast delivery aswell.
  2. Is there anyone who sells rear calliper seals or do u need to buy the whole calliper
  3. russelld

    Fantic 305

    Hi Folks. Anyone got advise on how to restore the look of the engine on the 305? Mine is starting to peel etc and thinking of doing a full restoration on it. Thanks Russell
  4. Hi all, would love a 4RT but when you google to find out who is a dealer in the UK nothing comes up for new or used, seems like they are a hidden gem. Anyone know? It used to be Pidcocks but nothing on their website, cheers Russell
  5. russelld

    Bill Pye

    Hi folks, yes he is the man when it comes to Fantic, the word Guru comes to mind! but more importantly a great bloke. Great friendly service always. Cheers Russell
  6. russelld


    Hi guys, think we all agree it's about time us Italjet lovers had their own forum and not have to troll through trying to find answers, let's get as many pics up as poss? And well done Petermac for getting this forum started, Cheers Russell
  7. Hello all, they get mixed reviews but I always liked them, anyone got a nice one out there? Post some pictures up, cheers Russell
  8. Hi all, what shocks would you recommend is best for on the back of a 200, needs to take my 15 stone!!! cheers Russell
  9. Hi Lee, Sorry I havent ben on here for awhile hence my late reply, I have dropped the bike off with Bill Pye again last weekend and he will get to the bottom of it, I will let you all know the outcome to this long long long ongoing saga asap. Cheers Russell
  10. Hello All, Its been awhile since ive been on, a question for you all, Original Fantic 300 rear shocks - can they be re-built and if so who is best person for the job or am I best replacing them with another and if so which ones should I get to carry my 14.5ish stone around. Nearly got my 300 project finished, pics wil come soon!!!
  11. Hi guys, Need your help, This 200 of mine still hasnt improved from way back when I first started this topic, I ve tried everything, brand new electrics and coil and brand new Dellorto carb aswell from Bill Pye that I just fitted this evening and still no luck - DOING MY HEAD IN. Tried it with the Wes tailpipe off just to see if it made a difference but it didnt, it ran the same, What could it be? running out of options and dosh. I wont give up though!!!! Cheers Russell
  12. russelld

    305 / 307

    Hi Guys, Yes nice looking 305 on ebay just now. Ive got one but not for sale. Great Bikes.
  13. russelld

    Fantic 240

    Hi Guys, Ive just had my 240 engine rebuilt by Bill Pye and could do with getting the frame painted, as a matter of interest how much roughly does classic trial charge to do it? (Dont worry I wont quote you!!!) Got to keep these Fantics alive!!! Cheers Russell
  14. Hi Guys, I bought the new spindal and bush kit from a friend who got it from Bob Wrights. The one I have has 2 bronze bushes and 2 roller bearings, all fitted over the spindal perfectly, but as soon as we tried to put them in the swingarm the spindal would not slide through, and now when they have been removed they no longer slide over the spindal. I wonder should i take them to a engineers to get them pressed in or get 1mm skimmed off the inside of the swingarm? I dont think there is any powder coating inside the hole. Its such a pain. What do you all think???Cheers Russell
  15. Thanks Bingo. Its just it seems as if I am butchering the bush and the bearing, as soon as the bearing is in place also the spindal will not slide through freely enough. It just feels wrong when doing it, we had to really almost (too much)force it in and it just felt all wrong, was this the same with you? cheers Russell
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