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  1. Col graham

    Beta evo 2010

    That's what I would normally do but the attached pic shows mounted the other way
  2. Col graham

    Beta evo 2010

    This may be a daft question, my mate has a beta evo 2010 olle shock but which way up should it be mounted with the adjuster screws at the top and the preload screw at the bottom or the other way up ? Not familiar with these shocks at all but when you look to buy a replacement they're pictured that way up.
  3. Col graham

    Evo forks

    Does anybody have a spare bullet shaped piece that fits in the top of the damper rod on the RH fork leg that makes contact with the adjuster screw (Paioli 38mm). Just done the fork seals and noticed it wasn't in the top of the hollow rod.pictures and dimensions would be great also to allow me to turn one down.
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