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  1. Hi everyone. I’m coming from enduro scene and looking starring some trials. Just spend my time bimbling around and want to do something more specific and challenging. What sort of things do I need to be practicing and am I going to make a fool of myself if I just crack in with some events? Its a bit of a vague post but any help would be appreciated. I’m based nottingham way if anyone can recommend and groups/clubs or events thanks
  2. Just realised.. my wife is spanish. Shall I ask her? ?
  3. So after a break in trials riding and after watching Ross Noble I picked up a 2014 Jotagas today and all I can say is what a bike!! I have had beta’s, gas gas etc but this Jgas is absolutely amazing! Seems so well made, looks unbelievable, rides great and is a lot less “busy” than other bikes. Really looking forward to riding again. I don’t know why there are a lot more people riding these bikes. I was in two minds with a 2014 gasgas 300 (had one before) and I am so happy I chose the Jgas. If I ever swap it will be for a newer one. We need to support companies like this and not be scared of being different. Go for it people. You will not be disappointed!!!
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