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  1. Sorry can't give your an answer. I assume you have looked at http://www.villiers.info/post.php?part=EXD09
  2. When you get it sealed, have a look at Charlie's piece - expensive but you may consider it worth the extra cost. http://www.bsaotter.com/aspen_fuel..html
  3. Came across this. Nothing to do with pre65 but interesting considering in the 60''s, apart from a Cub, nothing was much under 320 lbs. Or is my memory confused again? Doubt that.
  4. What are the dry weight of the 'modern/replica/updated/fake (pick your own description) of such machines?
  5. Thanks Hanks Had a 'google' and it certainly appears to be similar. Asked the son (who has a better memory than I do) about it. Said he got it some 20+ years ago as 'off a Spanish trial bike'. Let the buyer beware! Jim
  6. Anyone recognise this k/s?. Probably from the 70/80's. Shaft diameter is 12mm. Jim
  7. A question to make Charlie P despair! In the lightweight class we have had the James, Triumph Cub and Bantam eras, all machines passed as being pre-65 in style and substance. What might be the next all victorious model in this class.
  8. Any heating localised heating ie welding, will not be good for the piston as it will cause distortion.
  9. Rebuild a 30 year old Bantam trials and was wondering re the MZ forks - from what model, year and yokes? Many thanks Jim
  10. In case you are still wondering re forks, ‘The Story of Royal Enfield’ by Peter Hartley p 116 ‘A Villiers Starmaker 247cc ……. Note the Adoption of Reynolds leading-link front forks.’
  11. On the Villiers Starmaker facebook site there is a post from October 8 2013 re 'your' RE scrambler. For some reason I can't open the comments.
  12. I’m with you now. I assumed as there was no points cover on the clutch side, the c/shaft must be reversed to have them on the drive side as per 3 speeder. But, as you say with electronic ignition it just needs a trigger on one side of the crank to work. Stupid ould me. Any experience with suitable carbs? Many thanks, and apologies. Jim
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