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  1. jimmitchell

    How to repair piston?

    Any heating localised heating ie welding, will not be good for the piston as it will cause distortion.
  2. jimmitchell

    Not strictly trials but help needed

    Message sent. Jim
  3. jimmitchell

    Drayton Bantam

    Rebuild a 30 year old Bantam trials and was wondering re the MZ forks - from what model, year and yokes? Many thanks Jim
  4. jimmitchell

    Help identifying forks

    In case you are still wondering re forks, ‘The Story of Royal Enfield’ by Peter Hartley p 116 ‘A Villiers Starmaker 247cc ……. Note the Adoption of Reynolds leading-link front forks.’
  5. jimmitchell

    Help identifying forks

    On the Villiers Starmaker facebook site there is a post from October 8 2013 re 'your' RE scrambler. For some reason I can't open the comments.
  6. jimmitchell

    Bantam - 4 speed into 3 speed look-a-like?

    Many thanks again.
  7. jimmitchell

    Bantam - 4 speed into 3 speed look-a-like?

    I’m with you now. I assumed as there was no points cover on the clutch side, the c/shaft must be reversed to have them on the drive side as per 3 speeder. But, as you say with electronic ignition it just needs a trigger on one side of the crank to work. Stupid ould me. Any experience with suitable carbs? Many thanks, and apologies. Jim
  8. When up at the Two Day pre 65 Trial I saw some Bantams which looked 3 speeders but were definitely not. Am I correct in thinking it is a simple (!) case of fitting a 3 speed crank in a 4 speed c/case to get the ignition on the ‘correct’ side and using 3 speed outed casings? Our son has a B175 based trials bike and we were thinking of converting a spare engine to a 3 speed look-a-like over the winter just for something to do. Any suggestions on what to replace the old Amal carb with – make (Mikuni ?), bore etc? He will never be competing in any restricted specification events so no worry on that issue. Jim
  9. jimmitchell

    Villiers Engine - 2 Stroke Oil And Mix Ratio

    Hi folks Re using Aspen fuel: I am rebuilding an old racing Bantam for fast (!) road work. As it has a fibreglass tank I wanted to stay away from modern fuels so asked Aspen for their recommendation. Their reply was to use Aspen4 (4 stroke mix) 'to give storage stabile fuel and the other benefits, then add 2stroke oil recommended for the Bantam.'
  10. jimmitchell

    Fuel Tanks

    You have forgot to add and 'a lot of hard learnt skill'!
  11. jimmitchell

    Fuel Tanks

    Nice job. What technique did you use to shape it?
  12. jimmitchell

    Bantam Decompressor

    Hi bezaboy Do you find it worth the bother?
  13. jimmitchell

    Bantam Decompressor

    Anyone suggest a suitable decompressor for a Bantam cylinder head? The only one I can think of is a RE Bullet item.
  14. jimmitchell

    Bsa Bantam Conversion

    My son and I built a trials Bantam from a B175 model some 15 years ago. The bike, which was a runner cost £200 and we had to add another £700 to get it competitive, ie capable of completing a trial, but certainly not winning one. Then almost every thing had to be made as there were very few suppliers selling trials bits. Was it worth the trouble? No really. If we had bought a twin shock it would have been a real trials bike ready to go. And would have kept its value more than a home build Bantam with no competition record.