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  1. Sure he was only 3rd in the race I watched.
  2. Exactly as above & witnessed by many being the final section including some that had the authority to do something about it?....all very sad
  3. Care to expand on that please Andy?
  4. Section 3 on Saturday Section 4 Sunday The lad with glasses?
  5. Plus i only got thanked by 6 riders for observing both days. Now i gave up a weekend yes it was my choice. But i would still have apreciated a smile. The 6 People that thanked me were Fuji,Shep,Cox,Bullock,Dabill and Richardson. Which section were you on?
  6. Well done to Iwan Roberts European Junior Champion
  7. Bet he's not smiling after lap 1 today?
  8. Final Results Junior Jack Sheppard 3rd, Jonathan Richardson 8th. Youth Brad Cox 7th, Dec Bullock 8th.
  9. Chewy, is this trial now full because the downloadable regs/entry form link seems to have disappeared?
  10. There you go Copey in all his glory !!!!!
  11. A very well done to the Scarborough team, an excellent event, best round of the year to date. Thanks Guys
  12. Where did you find the entry form, cant seem to find it on the new look ACU website
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