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  1. rransome

    2010 Prices

    2010 prices are at the bottom of the page
  2. Hi there, Can anyone tell me where Ian's Rock's is i know it's near harrogate but an address or general location would be great thanks.
  3. Thanks for that, i can book my hotel now.
  4. Hi all, can anybody tell me the location of the british championship 4th round all i can find is it is in south wales. I am wanting to go but can find the location. Thanks in advance Russell
  5. Not the best looking bikei have ever seen but a start. I do believe and please correct me if im wrong but its not that many years ago we all said that the new 4 stroke sherco was far too soon and bad with it, but lets just cast our minds back to last weekend and the fact that it stormed it's way to a world round win. Bring it on Greeves show them what britain can do.
  6. rransome

    09 Gasser

    WOW thats different but personally i like the white one.
  7. HI there As far as i know we are on form for a good trial, I belive Horsforth and district motor club have gathered together about 6/7 top riders so hopefully we could get a good croud. Thanks Russell
  8. rransome

    Gasgas Gearing

    Hi there i have a 2006 280 pro which is a little toofast when riding just on tickover. Can you tell me is the standard front sprocket 11t and if i put the 10t sprocket on that came with the bike do i have to remove a chain link or adjust the back wheel. Cheers Russell
  9. Hi there RuffRider forgive me if this is a stupid question but would i recognise you if i knew you real name.
  10. Hi all thanks for your support. sorry shercoking94 i think it will be way too difficult for novice/begginers. Im still a beginner and there is no way im trying the sections.
  11. Hi Entry forms are now avaliable for the above eventplease pm or contact on russell@ransome2.wanadoo.co.uk. Its also free to enter.
  12. Hi Again, I posted earlier in the week about an arena trial at sherburn gala. I AM NOW DEFINAITLY LOOKING FOR RIDERS. The event is Saturday 17th May 12 till 4.30. 1ST PRIZE NEW REAR TYRE. Sections are in the nature of upturned skip, a small van a see saw and a selecion of rocks. we can cater for a wide range of ability levels. PLEASE PM ME IF YOU CAN HELP OUT. CHEERS RUSSELL.
  13. Hi All, I am a member of Sherburn in Elmet Gala Association, You may remember i posted this time last year to say The Extreme Trials Display team were comming. This year we are holding our own Arena Trial in connection with a local trials club. The type of things we are using as sectons are upturned skips and concrete water pipes. It might be a possibility that we are looking for riders for ths event. If there is anyone out there that might be intersted in having a go at riding please drop me a pm and ill get back to you with some details. Cheers Russell Ransome
  14. Hi there. Not sure about that area but i have access to an old quarry and landfill site in north yorkshre near selby if anyone wants a sunday morning practice.
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