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  1. It seems someone on here is trying to get rich quick In the classifieds there is an advert for a cherished number plate with offers over
  2. Trialsenduro direct is run by John Shirt the Gas Gas Importer and their service is suberb as is Sandifords
  3. Unless ive completly missed it the coverage of the British Experts has been very thin on the Ground A Dougie Lampkin report and a Third party hosted photo show No Official Results or a Report. After so much pre Event Excitment it almost seems like a Non event ! A shame when so much hard work was put in to get it on
  4. John Shirt 01298 766813
  5. dabber54

    Clutch Rattle

    My 08 250 is Exactly the same , Ive been in touch with Gas Gas uk and they tell me its normal, so im going to live with it as its the only thing about the bike that iritates me
  6. Ive had The Scorpa and the Montesa and now ive got a 250 Pro and is by far the best bike ive ever owned . The GG may be more Maintainance intensive but this is far out weighed by the fact its a fantastic bike to ride Ive heard the 300 is a bit of a handful but the 250 is ideal to learn on
  7. dabber54

    First Trials Bike

    I would personally go for the Gas Gas 250 as a first bike its very smooth has plenty of power when you need it and with a slow action throttle fitted is an ideal bike to learn on
  8. Nice Job Any chance of the Results from Emmotts Nov & Begginers last Month ?
  9. dabber54

    09 Gasser

    Is This really the Colour Scheme for the 09 Gasser Im Just coming to terms with the Red frame Version !
  10. dabber54

    Raga Replica

    Went to Swaine woods to watch Horsforth Evening Trial and this was the star of the show!
  11. Hi Has Anyone tried to fit a Trials bike into a Transit Connect or VW Caddy Or is it a case of front wheel out / handlebars off Cheers
  12. Hi Does anyone else get the Message "The Navstudio unlocke code is not Valid " when opening the home page here on TC if i go to the forums then back to the Home page there it is again ! Can anyone help ? Cheers
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