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    2010 Prices

    2010 prices are at the bottom of the page
  2. Hi there, Can anyone tell me where Ian's Rock's is i know it's near harrogate but an address or general location would be great thanks.
  3. Thanks for that, i can book my hotel now.
  4. Hi all, can anybody tell me the location of the british championship 4th round all i can find is it is in south wales. I am wanting to go but can find the location. Thanks in advance Russell
  5. Not the best looking bikei have ever seen but a start. I do believe and please correct me if im wrong but its not that many years ago we all said that the new 4 stroke sherco was far too soon and bad with it, but lets just cast our minds back to last weekend and the fact that it stormed it's way to a world round win. Bring it on Greeves show them what britain can do.
  6. rransome

    09 Gasser

    WOW thats different but personally i like the white one.
  7. HI there As far as i know we are on form for a good trial, I belive Horsforth and district motor club have gathered together about 6/7 top riders so hopefully we could get a good croud. Thanks Russell
  8. rransome

    Gasgas Gearing

    Hi there i have a 2006 280 pro which is a little toofast when riding just on tickover. Can you tell me is the standard front sprocket 11t and if i put the 10t sprocket on that came with the bike do i have to remove a chain link or adjust the back wheel. Cheers Russell
  9. Hi there RuffRider forgive me if this is a stupid question but would i recognise you if i knew you real name.
  10. Hi all thanks for your support. sorry shercoking94 i think it will be way too difficult for novice/begginers. Im still a beginner and there is no way im trying the sections.
  11. Hi Entry forms are now avaliable for the above eventplease pm or contact on russell@ransome2.wanadoo.co.uk. Its also free to enter.
  12. Hi Again, I posted earlier in the week about an arena trial at sherburn gala. I AM NOW DEFINAITLY LOOKING FOR RIDERS. The event is Saturday 17th May 12 till 4.30. 1ST PRIZE NEW REAR TYRE. Sections are in the nature of upturned skip, a small van a see saw and a selecion of rocks. we can cater for a wide range of ability levels. PLEASE PM ME IF YOU CAN HELP OUT. CHEERS RUSSELL.
  13. Hi All, I am a member of Sherburn in Elmet Gala Association, You may remember i posted this time last year to say The Extreme Trials Display team were comming. This year we are holding our own Arena Trial in connection with a local trials club. The type of things we are using as sectons are upturned skips and concrete water pipes. It might be a possibility that we are looking for riders for ths event. If there is anyone out there that might be intersted in having a go at riding please drop me a pm and ill get back to you with some details. Cheers Russell Ransome
  14. Hi there. Not sure about that area but i have access to an old quarry and landfill site in north yorkshre near selby if anyone wants a sunday morning practice.
  15. Hi there thats right It is going to be fill back in as an inert landfill. Bradford city council want it filling in as its face is 21 meters high and seen as a danger to the public. Its going to be a ood few years before its full though.
  16. Hi there Today i saw three lads riding in the old stone quarry at Calverley In West Yorksire, I was working there a the time and was just wonering if they were on here or if anyone knew who they were. I's just to let them know it's being fenced off next week. As we all know land to practice on is few and far between, im going to speak to my boss and find out if i can meet with genuine trials riders (not people on MX bikes wanting to rip up the golf course) and carry on responsibly riding there. Cheers Russell
  17. rransome


    Hi There It's not just me then im going to enter my first trial at West Leeds in feb and im bricking it.
  18. Sorry if i seem a bit picky but what is a KING OF CONNECTED MONKEY STEERING WHEEL HANDLE.
  19. Just Looking on Eurosport Website and spotted these so i thought i would post them. Thursday 9th August Eurosrort 2 18.00 uk time Thursday 9th August Eurosrort 2 22.45 uk time Thursday 9th August Eurosrort 1 20.00 uk time Friday 10th August Eurosport 1 17.15 uk time Monday 13th August Eurosport 1 09.30 uk time Monday 13th August Eurosport 1 15.30 uk time Monday 13th August Eurosport 2 18.00 uk time Dont know which round they are or if they are all the same repeats.
  20. I too bought a new 06 280 at a spanking price and yep mine is exactly the same and has done just over 4 hours, fine when cold but it take 6/7 kicks to get going when hot.
  21. Hi There, Did anyone manage to get to the gala and see Xtreme trials, Your thoughts and comments welcome to aid in the planning of next years gala. I thought Martin and Dan were brilliant and heard alot of people saying the same thing on the day. Cheers Russell.
  22. Hi there The Xtreme Trials Display Team are at sherburn in elmet gala on 19th May. The gala starts at 10 oclock but we are hoping to have the trials displays at 1,2,3, and four oclock if everything goes to plan. The gala events may be reduced depending on the wether but the trials will definaitly be going ahead. Entry to the whole event is only
  23. Hi There sorry about th delay. The gala starts at 10.30 but doen't realy get going untill about 1 oclock hopeing to get martin to start his displays about 1ish and it only cost
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