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  1. I'd strip the calliper down and check that the pots move freely.
  2. Hi Trial_Master, I'm about to start same job on my lads 125 (jusy wrestling with rear brake issues). I found your story really useful Hope you don't mind me asking, where did you get the parts from and how much for each item? (and I normally put PJ1 Ultra Light in) Oh, and we ride at Bumpy Have you joined the club to join in the trials competitions (next one is 30th May)
  3. Welcome Ian As well as a bike you'll need a legal place to ride. The only place in the area I'm aware of is here ...... www.bumpy.org.uk There's a good mix of land to ride on, from woodland to streams, rocks and log.
  4. Admiration Luke. There's not many 16 years olds would take a job like that on. You'll have something to be proud of, for sure.
  5. Welcome Mark. And good luck with the trawling, there's loads to get thro and it usually arrives faster than you can read it. I struggle to keep up.
  6. Welcome Mark. Have a look at www.Bumpy.org.uk It's about 5 mins along M62 from A1. Has a good mixture of land to ride on and caters for all levels, from 6 year olds learning to ride a little auto 50, to 16 year old stars (that make me green) to 60 years olds just out for an enjoyable ride.
  7. Hi Guys, Well, I stripped the rear brake system all right down. The master cylinder appeared to be working just fine with good solid pressure so I left it alone. The calliper wasn't quite so good so I fitted a new kit. Brake seems to work better but only about 80% of the stopping force I expected. My 97 Techno needs about half an inch of movement on the brake pedal to lock up the back wheel. Watching closely, the pads extend when the pedal is pressed right down but retract when it's released. There is definitely no air in the system. So, I'm thinking, and please tell me if I'm wrong, that the rear line needs priming. I think if I attach a tube and 'header' tank to the calliper bleed valve, press the pedal so the pads extend, open valve and release the pedal. Fluid should be drawn in rather than pads retracting. Does this make sence and sound like a workable solution. As I said before I'm in new territory here so any guidance you can offer would be hugely appreciated.
  8. Thanks again guys, I appreciate your help. I'm in new territory here and learning. No idea where all the fluid went, unless it slowly seeped out over the winter (but from where!!!??). Would have expected to see fresh leakage when I topped it up. With what I've learnt so far I have to suspect MC is just not building up enough pressure. I'll be stripping it all down and building it up on bench ... should be interesting .. and make it easier to ensure ALL air it out ... before testing again. Then, I'll fit an MC kit and probably calliper kit too. Any tips on fitting these kits before I start (probably next weekend)?
  9. Neo/Copemech, Thanks for the replies. I stripped the thing right down today (bit sad I had to remove swing arm to get master cylinder off). There doesn't appear to be any leaks anywhere (nothing to speak of anyway). The calliper pistons were tight and moving too free so I worked on them a tad. Given I could move them by hand I think they were then free enough. Rebuilt but the're still not enough 'power' to brake the rear wheel properly, no matter how hard I pump the pedal. It's fully bled but I can press the pedal right to the limit and there's only mild resistance to stop the rear wheel, again with no evidence of leaking. So it does appear the master cylinder is unhealthy, so I guess I'm in the market for a new one. Thanks again for your guidance :-)
  10. Hi, Just pulled my lads '04 125 out of winter mothballs, ready for some summer riding Found that the rear brake wasn't working and reservoir empty. So we added fuid to reservoir and bled it, many times to ensure no air, using syringe on rear calliper. There's no leaks that we can see and we've run quite a bit of fluid up the system to clear out any air Now the rear brake sort of work, but has a lot of travel on the lever and doesn't give such a strong braking effect There's a small amound of visible movement on the pads, as you'd expect, although they don't appear to move for the first 50% of pedal movement. Any suggestions what we do next to get the full braking effect? Not sure if the symptoms point to bleeding or adjustment ? Not sure what else we can do to bleed the system. Not sure how we take some the the free movement out of the lever. We'd be grateful of any suggestions.
  11. Try www.bumpy.org about 30 miles from York, a few mins from M62 J27
  12. Hi, I was a tad worried to receive an empty email at 5:45pm today from what appeared to be "AUTOMATED_EMAIL_DO_NOT_REPLY@trialscentral.com" Did anyone else get one? Any ideas what caused it? My worry is that someone's trying to spoof TC or have impregnated Andy's defences and got in (which I strongly suspect is not the case!!!) Anyway, just thought I'd ask/flag it up.
  13. You've clearly not seen me ride You'll get a chance at the next Bumpy absolute beginners trial on 2nd Aug. I'm really looking forward to it - but a bit sad cos I was looking forward to observing again.
  14. I was walking along a river bank the other day. Saw a nice looking blond lady on the other side. I called to her, "Hi, can you tell me how to get to the other side" to which she replied, "You're already on the other side" I have to say, the colour of her hair was a totally irrelevant detail which I maybe ought not to have included in the tale
  15. You're just worried you might miss out on your chance for fame
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