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  1. Here ya go.... Stones, logs, barrels, tyres - usually free or cheap? Slopes are handy for banking up some earth to make steps / drop offs (last pic) Cheers, GJ
  2. gjbiker


    My last 3 bikes have been Gassers and apart from a failed reg/rectifier on the 06 they've never really let me down. My 05 Rev 3 cost me with a failed stator and my 04 Sherco big end bearing gave me a £400+ parts bill. I personally think it's luck of the draw when it comes to reliability of any machine used in anger? Most modern bikes all seem to be very good compared to those of yesteryear?
  3. Buy a Beta Alp 200 and if you don't like it you can sell it to me as second hand ones are pretty scarce
  4. This might help you decide...... http://www.trialscen...h-oil-question/ ........as for the best oil to use - buy the best you can afford but even the cheap stuff will suffice. Remembering to add some to your fuel is the most important bit?
  5. gjbiker

    Keihn Carb

    You can now get Tesco Clubcard points at Esso stations. Would this suggest that it's the same fuel as at the Tesco pumps?
  6. Up here in Scotland in the summer we tend to wear the lighter, more breathable clothing ....
  7. I'm liking the ingenuity of buffed rubber and patch adhesive but, for a better and more durable solution try using a PU sealer / adhesive? I've used Tiger Seal (or similar PU adhesives) on tyre cuts, slashes, rip and tears over the years with very good results. In fact this stuff has a multitude of uses from fixing boots, sealing airboxes, sticking handlebar grips, affixing mud flaps etc. Probably better for your health than attacking old tyres with an angle grinder? Shame it has a limited shelf life!
  8. gjbiker

    Raga Rear Brake

    My 2011 rear m/c has also just failed and GG UK still don't have any repair kits (more than a week now). Does anyone know if I can retro fit with the old style master cylinder and remote resevoir? I've got two club trials and a national coming up one after the other and would like to take part in them all with some confidence that my rear brake aint gonna go tits up again?
  9. I reckon you may be looking at this - http://www.ebay.co.u...9#ht_310wt_1170 If you buy it and don't like it give me a shout
  10. Get Yer Lean On...................

  11. Rainy day at work so thought I'd watch this again and reminisce of an excellent weekend. Didn't catch my best angle though John - check out the fat observer at 14:10 GJ
  12. Don't come off the back doing a fast wheelie or this could happen............ BAMCC Scottish National 2 weeks ago at Craiglash Oooocha GJ
  13. Bienvenida a los ensayos central de mi amigo Te deseo lo mejor. (Provided by Google translate?) GJ
  14. Hi Noob, for that kind of money you'll be hard pushed to get anything much better than a 315 like this one on fleabay? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Montesa-315r-Trials-Bike-/321066699709?pt=UK_Motorcycles&hash=item4ac1110bbd Unfotunately, whatever you buy on your budget could be in need of a bit of work? An £800 bike could cost you twice as much if you know what I mean? The best thing would be to have someone who has a bit of experience and knows trials bikes to come with you to view the bike. There are plenty good old bikes out there to be had but there's also plenty that'll cause you grief - be patient and good luck. GJ
  15. Indeed so Sir, your grammatical observation on correct punctuation deserves praise but I do believe the fall of the Empire was the fault of Luke Skywalker and his band of rebels and not due to the misuse of an apostrophe? GJ
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