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  1. Hi. Just had the upper fork seals done and new oil Now loads of oil has emptied out from bottom of legs I've checked the bolts are tight What seals are in there? How can I empty any remaining oil, refill and fix the leaks? Thanks
  2. cubbon77

    Beta 50 Weight?

    Thanks guys. I've bought another Oset for now. The 20 racing.
  3. Morning Could somebody please give me the dimensions of a sherco 50 auto. The 20inch wheeled model. Wheelbase? Footrest to end of bars measurement? Ground clearance? Thanks
  4. Mytrial.it for Clice women's gear
  5. cubbon77

    Beta 50 Weight?

    Hi Can anyone please tell me the exact weight? Not manufacturers claimed weight. Thanks
  6. Hi, Whats the views on bars position, forwards or backwards? Bikes a beta evo 250, skill level sportsman/clubman. Height 5'10. Fair enough height of rider will matter. But its got to matter where bars are to how much grip you get from the rear? Watched an aussie trials video on youtube, says rule of thumb is have the bars so far forward that ends of bars are in line with angle of the forks. That is well forward! Then looking at worlds top fellas they also have the bars turned right far forward, is this due to the steepness of their sections plus the way they ride more and more on the back wheel? Cheers
  7. Nice set up there gjbiker. I collected a large cable drum tonight to modify. The set up of tyres looks good. Unfortunately I dont quite have that much slope to our garden for the drop off in last pic but another good obstacle to learn on, both up and down. Please keep your pics coming. Thanks
  8. Anyone got pics of some good home garden or yard trials areas? I'm moving house, new place comes with a big lawn on a bit of a slope. Want to set it up for my novice riding and my kids 7 and under on their osets. Riding and more obstacles in place will keep the grass down too Cheers
  9. I've adjusted it loads tonight. Got it to about 60mm. There was about 100mm sag before that and I'm only 64kg. The last owner must of flattened it. He was an average weight. Must of rode well!! Now he had the rear shock adjuster fully anti-clockwise. Is that common? I'm not assed on hopping it about just want good grip. Are there clear clicks in rear shock adjustment? What an absolute prick off a thing to adjust!! Not very well thought out. Should the adjuster face front of bike?? Cheers
  10. Yeah was helpful. 100mm only rear travel? Thanks
  11. Anyone? Id like to get this setup tonight. Thanks
  12. Hi. I bought a dead tidy 2012 250 Evo. Love it. I want to set it up best I can. What's the overall rear travel so I can set race sag to a third? Is there a recommended position of fork height in the yokes or just leave as standard? Thanks
  13. It was the pilot jet that was blocked. Simple
  14. My mate has taken the bike to Juan Knights shop, will find out soon whats wrong.
  15. can a leaking crank seal cause this over revving?
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