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  1. Fill the bobbins round with sikoflex, like a Cush drive, it’s still allows movement but a lot less!
  2. imexian

    Future of Gasgas

    Lot of stressed wtc riders then..
  3. Whatever the in and outs still bit sad that no world round in uk! we have quite a few decent riders in the different trial category’s, but no way of watching them in this country. Wonder what would be said if Spain was to cancel both its rounds!
  4. Post on Facebook around your area, maybe spock? Make a reward for info, call or email bike breakers, small shops near your area. post on parish notice boards Killermarsh Dont bother with plod, you are wasting time and effort.
  5. imexian

    kevlar clutch

    Yes I know, it was just to show the MS I’m using!
  6. imexian

    kevlar clutch

    Well, I’ve had 5 hours on it, I’m laying on bed now, I’m creamed, and my back is smashed.... clutch is a lot better at biting, before it seems a bit like launch control, not putting power to rear wheel cleanly, if you understand? still have a prob with lever creeping to bars, not all the time intermittently? especially when bike is inverted upwards?? ive got home and changed master cylinder to an AJP, larger reservoir type, I know braktec have had a few issues. Just had wizz round garden, doesn’t seem much different, but need to try properly Not sure what the next move is, if no better?
  7. imexian

    kevlar clutch

    I can’t agree with this particularly, I have had a clutch that is very wishy washy, bite point changing, never very positive, that on a 17. Spoken to few riders and they have had the same thing with 17,18 bikes. Both very very good riders! one said 18 bike was ok to start with then gradually got worse. Ive finally got the xui full system in my GG and going to try out today, fingers crossed... ill post when I get back to give the low down!
  8. The stuff is expensive enough so now need to cost in for some machining! looked on their website and it’s says straight swap no farting about with it! ive now got no bike this weekend....very nobbed off... typical trials related, let the rider develop the product first.... this is from Xui website blerb notice the “assembled on stock clutch, and rest of components” Technical Info: This special kit, made just for GG engines, is designed to offer the maximum torque control of your engine. Using very special steel plates, 1,00mm, made by wire cutting. And combined with our Kevlar compound pads. Can be assembled on the original stock clutch hub, and rest of components. Due using more discs, this kit, is able to transfer much more torque and heat and also make easier to cool the discs through higher oil flow.
  9. Is that with the 4 Kevlar plates though?
  10. Was that the Kevlar plates only? this comes with 4 frictions and 3 steels
  11. That’s what I thought , remember though this is the four friction plate set, it gives instructions for this mod in the box!
  12. Don’t think will work, as pack will be to high! if I’d known I could have had this already done....
  13. It’s not the xui fingers I have but the std ones bro
  14. Just got xui full race Kevlar clutch kit with the 4 plates, it’s showing a 30 degree machining on the clutch pack operating fingers? Is this at the clutch pack end? Looks like it? does this entail going to a machine shop to have done? i thought it was at the other end of finger, bolt end, so I could just grind or file off? anyone got this set up to advise? No mention of this at all on website from shop or xui website, v f##d off...... Looks like I’m fubaared for this weekend..........this was supposed to be a drop in fix!! ??
  15. Anyone seen or heard from him? Retrotrials site not updated for ages. anyone?
  16. As b40 says, sounds ignition, woodruff key damaged, broken? Try swapping cdi from another bike. If you check woodruff key have a look at wiring on stator. Could be crank seal, if standing a long while not used, that’s the worse thing, main bearing sat unoiled, condensation from cold then warm etc, causes corrosion on bearing? any white smoke from exhaust? Head o ring leak? just a few ideas? good luck!
  17. Hmm, matteo has some good sponsors, sembennini, red motor etc, maybe should have stayed gp? It’s just the trial scene is so compact, that to drop down and scoop a title, that Toby I really think deserves, after changing from 2t to 4t is a bit disingenuous. Also, bit suspect, how he managed to finish so low score? No favouritism from the ITALIAN observers I guess... its the British thing, saw TM five for a millisecond stop at addingham, but continent seems to go with the flow.... flack invited!
  18. I don’t always agree with Andy, but I’m of the same thought, matteo had his day, didn’t make it, so this drop into trial 2 for some riders is a bit dodgy, taking limelight away from some up and come’rs! its hard enough for young riders to get sponsors and go around around Europe etc, but if riders from the gp scene keep dropping down, where do they go? Maybe cabby could drop next? Its a shame that some top riders would have to go, but it’s survival of the fittest, and youngest! thoughts?
  19. Use galfer red pads, and drag rear brake to get hot then pour cold water on them, it’s not twaddle, I and many others have done it for years! But what would I know from a new member that obviously knows everything! the new fren are a terrible pad.
  20. Guess make more dollar doing enduro, shame all the top (ish) riders have to go that direction! this stranglehold bou and the rest of top 3 are doing is not really healthy for the sport. Dont know how you sort though?
  21. Thought he had knocked wtc on head?
  22. Yo, you need to lift from front, but, will need to remove reed block to get the space. It’s a bloody tight fit in between the frame at front as well.. when dropping back in I had whole bike upside down so using the own engines weight to help. Its not very easy as you know! ian
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