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  1. shorty1978

    Plug fouling

    I cannot understand how the carb work can be a factor ? surely if it was apart from the plug colour the bike would show other bad running symptoms ??? which it does not ! It’s starting first or second kick , idling is nice ,deceleration is good and under acceleration it seems to have good power it has never stalled or cut out and doesn’t overly smoke either . I’ve always been anal about maintenance so air filter is always cleaned and re oiled and after a few cycles I buy a new one . My fuel is always fresh on the day and I use a good oil and I pour into the can measured properly and give a good shake ! My fuel tank and carb is drained after every ride again advice given by a reputable trials shop . As far as the plug I should be using I was told by beta uk to run a bpr5es and use a 70/1 fuel to oil ratio, I will admit tho I’m concerned about changing this to 80/1 and would worry about the engine not being lubrcated enough . The situation is insane because as far as I’m concerned I’ve done everything right , I did a trial 2 weeks ago and the bike never missed a beat and got a good run between sections, I never changed anything between that trial and the one on Sunday just gone and yet my bike lets me down in the middle of the trial by fouling a plug and it also got a good run between sections . I was hoping I got a duff plug but as said it ran fine on the same plug for 6 or so hours beforehand .
  2. shorty1978

    Plug fouling

    Thanks for advice , carb was cleaned a couple of months ago and had been running fine previously, only thing I can think of is that I drain the carb after every ride you have to move it a bit to get to the drain bolt, I suppose I could of maybe not put it back straight would that make a massive difference??? I was in the middle of a trial when it started acting up so had been running fine for over an hour beforehand, I then checked things over and found the fouled plug dry black soot not oily or wet ! I installed a new plug and it seemed to run ok but my worry is will that happen again ???
  3. shorty1978

    Plug fouling

    Yes I’ve done it twice was a bit oily
  4. shorty1978

    Plug fouling

    The plug I was running when it fouled was a bpr5es !
  5. shorty1978

    Plug fouling

    Yes I have reinstalled the apico air filter but yet to try . Thanks
  6. shorty1978

    Plug fouling

    Bike has just started to foul plugs and then run terrible put in a new plug and starts first kick and it runs fine for maybe 10 hours or so then fouls again ! Carb has been cleaned recently and set up , and I’m using good oil and fuel and the right mix at 70:1 . Only thing I have done recently is change from an apico air filter to a jitsie pre oiled one which looks a bit bigger could it be that ??? Looking for advice on what to check next ! Thanks
  7. Thanks Scifi I’ve just gone from a 7 to a 5 so hopefully that may make a difference .
  8. Thanks Peter for that information maybe that’s the case regarding the shop and it’s just running slightly rich ! i was thinking because the bike runs fine I was reluctant to start messing with the mixture , and if you say from your past experience with evo’s yours were like it then hopefully I am just worrying over nothing .
  9. Thanks nebulous much appreciated for your advice ?
  10. Starts first kick every time , and gives good power and idles really nicely
  11. This is why I’m baffled as the bike runs absolutely fine and has done since I’ve owned it ! I also fitted a brand new pre oiled filter yesterday !
  12. Yes it’s been drained a few times since
  13. I always drain the tank down as it lives in the house and the mix is 70/1 using v power and putoline oil
  14. Ive recently serviced my bike and noticed the spark plug was quite wet and oily , I’ve put a new plug in and rode it this morning for 3 hours the bike runs , pulls and starts with no issues i inspected the plug and again it was oily , the carb was recently cleaned and set up by a reputable shop ! I’m not sure what to do as like I say the bike seems to be running with no issues although it does smoke when you give it a handful , it’s a 2015 2t and been well looked after could it maybe running rich ??? Any advice as to what’s going on would be much appreciated.
  15. shorty1978

    What brake pads

    What brake pads do you guys recommend for a 2015 Beta Evo factory ?
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