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  1. gt4rs

    250 vs 300

    I’m a total novice to trials (had plenty of road and Mx bikes mind) and have a 2016 250 beta evo and it’s perfect for me. I’m not the lightest, tad under 16 stone. The bikes super light and has more than enough power. Considering the age you are looking at I would buy on condition, I also agree look at the surroundings it’s coming from. I have a OCD and my bikes like new and kept in top condition, most people who see it thinks it’s never been used!
  2. Just a quick email to say thank you to the person who put this thread together, it was very helpful and I would not of been able to register my bike with out it. From start to finish the whole process took no more than 3 weeks. Thanks for the help Rob
  3. Wow thank you for taking the time to add them links, will take a look now.
  4. Hi All Total newbie here in South Wales, Cardiff. Looking for any pointer on a local club I may be able to join???
  5. Hi all I'm looking for advise, total newbie who has bought a trials bike and would like some guidance on what trials trouser may be best. I'm looking for something robust and which will be comfortable? Thanks
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