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  1. After many conversations with DVLA/HMRC it now appears despite what the form says that you do NOT need insurance to register a trials bike for road use. You DO however, need an MOT, proof of purchase/age and when it was imported literature etc. NOW you also need it to be registered with the HMRC on their NOVA database. This cannot be done online and you have to telephone them on 0300 200 3700 for a nova1 form. I'm only putting this on here because the DVLA info is scant. Be warned that phone calls to the HMRC CAN TAKE UP TO 30 MIUTES TO BE PUT THROUGH TO THE RIGHT DEPARTMENT. In my case I borrowed our (Gest Trials Club) Chairman Jim Cottinghams mobile phone to make the call so the cost was irrelevant.
  2. Can anyone suggest any websites or clubs that I can contact as a group of Southern middle aged clubman would like to wobble and fall off around Southern Belgium later in the year? Somewhere in the Ardennes or Namur etc would be good.
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