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  1. Suzuki250 there is a new https://www.shoefresh.eu/nl/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwm9vPBRCQARIsABAIQYdUoxjwbNKoaEVczbM1WmKB0ltOGVAxhXj_ERQNPZzkXMHIdS1QcpIaAgEREALw_wcB shoedryer including active oxygen technology that takes all the durty smell away. Cost prox. 70€. Greathings, Luc
  2. Hello guys, i'm using a shoedryer https://www.shoefresh.eu/nl/?gclid=CjwKCAjwj8bPBRBiEiwASlFLFcvdKkQSza8ZOsPUgFljgeQBaQc6GQwy1vA3mrWQ98tui2UiHc-OoRoCqFkQAvD_BwE Works fantastic. Temprature is 37°c like yourself so leather wont crack at all. There ara also models with 2 sepparated parts. Greathings, Luc
  3. Thanks Monty Wise One ant al the others, next year there should be a whole new model from beta (2018 or 2019 at last). I think i will wait a year and hold my nice Rev4. I love is but sometimes you want something new. Greathings, Luc
  4. OK, i'll practice trial riding with steps, turns,...on i nice terrein and also do sometimes trial riding in the Belgium ardennes or france. I'm a smaler person about 1m 74 lenght. I think the beta is maybe the better one. greathings, Luc
  5. Hi, thanks for the reaction but i would like to buy a new one and keep it for the rest of time. Maybe i will buy afther a year of 6, 7, ... alo another one but i now that iff i buy it new it is just like a baby for me I just dont now montesa >< beta. Now riding a 2008 Rev4 Greathings, Luc
  6. Hello Guys, i'm going to buy a new bike. The choice is between the new Montesa 260 and the Beta Evo 300-factory (4 strokers). Both are the same price and i have no experience with none of them. In Belgium there are not that much 4 strokers to try. Thanks for helping me, Greathings, Luc
  7. Iff anyone would like to buy my Beta Rev4 250cc - 2008 in brand new condition...just let me know. The bike is road registered . Price 2300 pound including full service at dealer this week. Delivering in UK is poussible if you take me out for a nice ride in de neighborhoud . More picture...just mail. Greathings, Luc
  8. Thanks guys for the answers, I understand what Klonheadd writes but i dont have the budget to rebuild the std. Evo 300. Ik cann buy both bikes for the same price so. As i cann read the 2017 Factory 300 will be the best choise for my budget. Both bikes are brand new. I hope it is really a difference between my 250 Rev4 and the Evo 300 4T. Greathings & have a nice weekend, Luc
  9. Hello, i'm from Belgium and have an almost new Beta Rev4 250cc. Now i would like to buy a new Evo 300 4T. I have the choice between the 2017 Evo 300 4T factory model and if I wait i can buy the new 2018 model. What would you guys do? Buying the factory or wait for the 2018. I dont know if the changes on the 2018 model make that big diffecence. The factory will have a better suspension i gues. Thanks for your oppinion. Greathings, Luc
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