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  1. Fitted All balls Fork seals and they started leaking after only being fitted for a month. Thinking it was the cheap seals I decided to splash out and get a set of skf seals and dust covers. Anyway, first ride out and I notice the dreaded Weeping again ? upon close inspection I have a little scratch in the stanchion it’s really small but you can feel it if you rub your nail across it! Is there anyway to do a diy repair? I tried a bit of nail vanish on it but hasn’t worked although I was impatient and only left it an hour or so. Anyone got any tips for a solution without replacing? Thanks!
  2. Just happy that bike didn’t come down on him! ?
  3. kristian

    Beta evo linkage

    Can anybody help me identify The part circled so I can order new bearings/bush? There seems to be a lot of play in this particular area! It’s where the knuckle connects to swinging arm. Thanks ?
  4. What fork seals are you guys using? My mate said he had a set of pyramid seals fitted and they lasted 4 rides ? I think I had all balls ones fitted in my last bike but sold the bike not long after fitting so don’t really know how good they were?
  5. I usually wear sealskin socks which combats the problem but wet boots still annoy me! Going to make something out of waste pipe? Being a plumber I may actually make a boot dryer out of copper pipe and connect it to my heating system? Mmmm I maybe onto something here!!!!!!
  6. Ok guys how do you dry your boots? I ride every Sunday and try to get out for a blast mid week but my boots are always damp inside ?! Boots are hebo tech Comp! Thanks.
  7. Right used the top Castrol today and I have for the last few weeks been using rock oil trials! Bike seemed much smoother and quieter with the castrol in! ???
  8. ☺️ Most of the people I know run 80ml of oil to 5 litres of petrol but I only just realised 80:1 is 62ml for 5 litres? Now I’m even more confused ?
  9. Thanks for the reply totty, what’s the difference between Trials specific oil and the castrol racing?
  10. I normally use fully synthetic Castrol ‘racing’ mixed at 80mil of oil to a gallon of fuel. I accidentally bought castrol 1 (not racing) is this still ok to use? It’s a 12 beta evo! Thanks.
  11. Anyone use one? I've been wearing an old hebo lid for a few years and now it's time for a new one. I purchased an airoh trr which looked and felt amazing but only had it in my price range in a large. It Was a little big on me so sold it on and now ordered a jitsie kroko. Hopefully I won't be disappointed!
  12. I've bought a airoh trr in red (large) and it arrived and is slightly big on me! Took a chance as it was on sale would anyone be interested in it for £110 brand new with tags and still in the box! Am now looking for a medium! Thanks
  13. just cut the banjo off (was a split in the pipe just inside banjo) reconnected the banjo bled the rear brake and still bugger all there? have got all the air outbut still nothing happening? theres obviously something else wrong so just gonna take it to my local bike shop and get them to take a look! just hope it's nothing to drastic.
  14. cheers bob thats a very good point! will look into that? got to be an easier option than getting a new hose through the swinging arm.
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