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  1. kaarelj

    E10 Fuel

    The ethanol topic has seen some attention recently, maybe you could receive some info from there? By heart I would say if it sat for some period, et could be directly related to E10 but no personal experience to refer.
  2. Fast is not an issue, as the First gear is slow and there's a lot of room around them. Plus they are going much faster on their Oset, so all good there. Even if the initial acceleration frightens them, then nothing can happen as the max speed will reach momentarily. But yeah, it took some practice, on third day one of them is capable of doing quite ok in terms of slow slalom and eights. Even trying to do some wheelies with clutch, failing in timing or overdoing completely 😂 Other one is more cautious and takes some more time. Kids are different. Most useful so far has been just riding time. I've let them to free ride and every once in a while give some tasks to do like slow slaloms or stop and go's. And then just free ride, so they start feeling ok.
  3. I've seen few in noncompetitive situation on training. Quite bad to be honest. Geometry is weird, distance from handlebar to foot peg is longer than on 125/250cc fullsize bike. But Kuberg is meant for smaller crowd. Buti t is a long bike, compared to Oset 24 it seems allmost a foot longer. Kuberg Challenger has 14" rear wheel. Yes, powerful motor, but the ~13yo beginner had a serious struggle there. Small rear wheel with huge amount of power caused it to just spin everywhere. It was a struggle to lift the front wheel. Seemed to be almost impossible to climb slowly on soft terrain. And the ride height is quite high hence loosing some balance there already It seems to be cool ride for freeride in forest or fast MTB/FullSuspension trail. But it does not seem to be good fit for Trials. Don't get me wrong, it looks cool and it would be really cool to freeride and have fun with it. I made a real quick mockup for comparison with Evo80jr and Beto FullSize. Although the Kubergs commercial image makes the rear wheel a bit larger IMO. IRL it is actually smaller I would say.
  4. Only tyre I've found is the Vee Rubber V308 3,5/17. I don't know which tyres it is on from factory, got mine second hand But yeah the 17 is difficult to find. Some say in EU, the Vee Rubber is only option.
  5. Nice, thank you guys. We were able to make first proper circle. At the moment keeping the "training" short but goal is to make bike run every day even for 5-10minutes. So the muscular memory would start to kick in. They are just not used to the first punch the petrolengine gives you when releasing the clutch and kind of scares them. Because the electric has this short moment of power buildup and the acceleration characteristics are completely different.
  6. Hi, Your suggestion, how to get kids to master throttle and clutch control? First on the very basic level of get moving and stopping. Mastering clutch and throttle is endless journey. Kids 10 and 11 are both okay with Oset and quite confident on wheels. Now they have their first Beta 80 jr. We took our first small step and made first circle with all expected issues like frog jumps, stalls and extensive throttle etc 😅 They kind of get the logic and mechanics, what is the gearbox and clutch and why they pull it. They also kind of know the sound when its too much revs and where is the safe level. I would imagine to start with just start-stop on flat ground and then on easier slopes for so many hours till they feel somewhat confident. And then take some 8's and slaloms. At least I practiced this way and get to some level. But do you have some suggestions, practices to carry out with kids to make the process as smooth as possible? Cheers
  7. Two things happen with ethanol added fuels. Ethanol is evaporating well under warm circumstances, lowering the octane value in fuel. - not a big deal and impact is not that high And ethanol is good in binding water from air and then it condensates in your bike fuel system. I had few carb engines lying around and made a "scientific test" 😆 within two month time one ride-on lawn mower engine build up nice amount of residue and rust in its carb. And I was riding it after every two weeks. Yup, carbs and fuel systems are different, but still. And I've seen the same pictures and posts from workshops after they introduced E10 fuels around here. And ethanol does not do good for some carbs membranes It is not an issue on your daily, but I wouldn't put any of the E10 fuels to bike which could only be used only weekends or even less. Specially if you have more than one bike waiting for their turn in garage. Because I don't ride that much at once and do it around my backyard with kids, then using Aspen Alkylate. And almost every performance engine owner (quads etc) are riding on Aspen+ which is very clean RON98 fuel. Not a commercial break, just only available brand around here. --And I am not starting on the politics, of how it is reasonable to harvest some crops, mash them, distillate them and then add it to fuel and say it is somehow more green now. By that lowering calorific value of the fuel, hence needing more fuel now.🤔
  8. Thanks Got the 2017 Scorpa. A lot of learning to go through now And being suprised about that 125 being very powerful, could not be more amazed (and have more respect) guys riding 250-300 🤯. Starts seriously well, very suitable for young and light riders even. Huge main ratio 10/56, 1st gear seems nearly impossible at the moment. 2nd with lot of clutch is only way to move without embarrassment.
  9. Manual Says DOT 4 (they prefer Minerva as vendor, but does not matter)
  10. Hi Kids has been on trials training for a while now and I am looking for a bike for myself. Oset 24 is not that good for weighty grown-up. What is the general thing to look at used Sherco/Scopra 125 2012/2017 main difference is in tank placement, 2017 or the "normal" placement seems to be preferred around here in forums. Sherco is 2012, S3 head and some major overhaul done in 2017 Scorpa is 2017, stock head, seems cleaner, 400€ more expensive. I probably don't feel difference in forks/suspension, is it Reiger/Ohlins or some small nuances. Biggest concern is the maintenance cost on first year. If I would have to overhaul engine or changing major bits and pieces on 400€ cheaper one, then it does not make sense. Being a total newbie in motorcycles - never owned one, rode probably far less than 10miles in my entire life 🤣. So it will definitely be a bumpy ride. Cheers
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