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  1. As a very casual pre 65 rider I really don't know the rules , in fact I've never looked at them. As I really only ride club stuff on a friends Trifield I ride the route that I can manage. Thing is I don't even know the modern observing rules and I'm trials convener so make sense of that. I'm just glad to ride and if I feel on form it's bonus. Just think how easy we've got it my father rode in the 60s riding an old rigid Matchless from home in all weathers to some desperate part of Scotland. He would laugh at us ,he called Spanish bikes plastic and cubs and bantams no better than pushbikes ,
  2. Long shot my 300 Ossa needed a bit taken off the inside of the flywheel as it touched the crankcase after it had mains, I don't know what caused this, worth checking. All a bit odd!
  3. Aye there's plenty from Sammy Miller bringing in the Spanish, non stop/stop, duel/multi routes, dodgy suspension linkages, tubeless tyres no doubt everyone on the forum has a personal axe to grind so let's be honest we've all got a good moan right or wrong so after 45 years on the scene here's my top gripe. WATER COOLING, worst thing that ever happened even as we speak I've a Scorpa p****** coolant in the garage doing my nut. Anyone who has not had bother with a water cooled trials bike has never owned one. Water pumps, thermostats. wiring , regulators, radiators, hoses, O ring head gaskets had bother with the lot. Do they run any better than my old air cooler? a very definite not, So feel free to tell me they're great Over to you
  4. All I can say is he'll get the benefit of the doubt when I'm observing just like the rest. I wouldn't want to cost a top rider a result on a dodgy decision and let's be honest most riders are brand new and even the odd dick is tolerated at the trials, yes even me. I would say if anyone's planning a SSDT foray get it done as the writings on the wall for these big events. In a few years we'll be lucky to ride off road let alone over half of Scotland. I hear there's over 500 entries for next year so maybe there's a few thinking like me?
  5. He should take up Trials he might be quite good!
  6. Pretty rare bike these days! I had one way back and the route from tank to carb was a pain. All I can mind is the length was important to stop it kinking. Best of luck.
  7. Rose tinted specs or what? Some had real gearbox issues probably why there's not so many about !
  8. Stomp

    E10 Fuel

    Anyone noticed a difference running E10, the Scorpa was flat on Sunday and I'm thinking this might be the reason?
  9. I use fox guards I think they're for dh Mountain biking superb. I'm 58 and just down want any bother with the knees. Cheers.
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