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  1. you could be in with a chance if you buy a road registered one from a dealer but if you buy a non road registered privately there could be a problem
  2. i have a Dave cooper bike rack which i used to carry my serow on our motor home to the iom and even though i didnt have a problem i have thought since that i was asking a bit much of it as the serow weighs in at 108 kgs
  3. Hi lampshade just watched the trial and the conditions looked rough to say the least it was thick jacket weather but as usual you were up to standard with the filming full marks 👍
  4. great thanks for letting me know 👍
  5. only just seen this and missed it damn ☹️
  6. yes a happy christmas to all on the forum and go easy on the mince pies 😆
  7. best thing you can do is go to a shop and try some on then you are sure of the right size
  8. Another great review by lampshade keep them coming great stuff 👍
  9. again another well presented review well done 👍
  10. thanks for your input guys i think i might invest i might never need a helmet with one but if im at an event and i need it then i have it thanks 👍
  11. ok a while ago i posted about drop down visors on trials helmets so the big question is how many of you guys use visors on your helmets 🤔
  12. yes that would be great 👍 i hope you have some more youtube films coming up 😁
  13. yes that would be great 👍 have you anymore youtube films coming up ?
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