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  1. skyrider


    right i will check out the local newsagents thanks
  2. skyrider


    what day does TMX come out ? thanks
  3. well at the moment im still looking but thinking of a beta rev 3 about a 2005 model
  4. what is the normal petrol/oil mix for trial bikes as i was watching a guy on youtube refuelling and he was mixing at seventy to one is this the norm ? thanks
  5. you would certainly get two bikes in a transit connect i used to know a guy who had one and he carried two cb 500's in his
  6. skyrider


    i might have a look around there next time i think they have a shop in town
  7. skyrider


    i have just bought some bmx/mtb gloves with gel palms off fleabay they were cheap enough (£6.95 ) and they are called wfx so i will try those for a bit 😉
  8. skyrider


    yes they are worth thinking about thanks
  9. skyrider


    i will have a look thanks 👍
  10. skyrider


    yes you cant go wrong with a bit of armour it saves your digits trees are everywhere 😊
  11. skyrider


    sounds good i will have a look
  12. skyrider


    what gloves are the best to use dedicated trials or just off road gloves mx, enduro or similar ?
  13. so i have since looked on the site it was advertised on and it said no longer available (sold in other words ) and the guy never did get back to me, a pity really it was a clean looking bike so anyway i will keep looking
  14. Hi jacuerro welcome to the site, im a newbie myself and looking to buy my first trials bike after having road bikes since 76 a lot of good people here with good information have fun 👍
  15. yes perhaps he has had problems at home and he could still get in touch
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