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    2016 Beta Evo 250 2 stroke Really nice clean bike. Has a few nice extras such as the Jitsie hoses, carbon exhaust guard, lots of billet parts, lanyard kill switch. Full V5, road registered. Recent overall including new filter, new gear oil, new headset bearings, new rear pads. Just before I purchased it has new linkage bearings and a fork service. I haven't had it long, planned to use it a lot but it's just not really happened. I've probably done 3 hours round the garden in total. It's in great condition, a few marks as expected but it's all straight and solid. Needs for nothing, ready to be used for practice or trial. Only selling as I want a road bike again and don't have the space for 2,will consider a px/swap for the right road bike. Please get in touch to arrange viewing. Delivery available for the fuel cost and with deposit prior. Any questions please get in touch. Either message here or text/phone 07745785771 Thanks for looking, Carl

    2,995.00 GBP

  2. Thanks for the reply! I'll try and get the hang of using the back brake and no clutch then! Surprising how much I've come on and I've only had probably an hour in total on the bike on my drive so far. I could trackstand really well on all my pushbikes though so that probably plays a part. Need to work on loosening my grip on the bars I think. When I start losing balance I find my grip is stupidly tight. Just need to relax maybe.
  3. Sorry to jump in on this thread but my question doesn't seem worthy of a whole thread lol. I've been riding road bikes years and mx for a short while but just been practising on my trials bike on the drive so far. Managed to get my turns down to literally .5mph now. My question is should I be slipping the clutch in a bit when stopped trying to balance? Because I do and if I pull it in any more I struggle to balance. It definitely helps me to keep it just biting but I don't know if it's a bad habit I should try and break now? Going to try some engine off balancing in the morning.
  4. carlh


    I've ordered some domino dual compound. I've used the normal grips on my bikes and always had mixed results. Not keen on wiring them and the glue never lasts long. I'll see how I get on this time though!
  5. carlh


    Cheers Andrew, I'll look into those. If not I did a little reading last night and domino grips seem to come out on top usually? Carl
  6. Well I got me a bike. A nice scorpa 250. I'd read how beginner friendly they were and did a bit of research on parts availability a week or so back. Then while I was down south dropping my road bike off at its new owners I stopped at my brothers house. Found this for sale just an hour away so went and had a look this morning. Really happy with it tbh it doesn't seem to look like it's done much and runs great. These engines will tick over at nothing won't they? I keep thinking it's gonna cut out but it'll chug along on tick over all day. I also managed to get a brand new Hebo helmet thrown in too. Never been worn and fits me a treat so saves me going out looking for a lid.
  7. Does anyone know if the odi lock on grips will work with a trials bike? I've just picked up a scorpa this morning. My first trials bike but I'm into mx. I've tried a few grips on the mx bikes and eventually settled with ODI Emig lock on grips. I've only moved a set once when I had the biggest moment of my life lol. Will they work on a trials bike? They sell then as 2 stroke or 4 stroke with a couple different throttle attachments in each set. For anyone who hasn't seen these grips before, the left side locks on with an Allen key and the right side actually replaces the throttle tube. Thanks, Carl
  8. Ah makes sense with the difference with a car park not being Like being off road. I may as well do it on the drive then just for balance and tight turns and not make finding a road legal one a priority. I had a cycle trials bike a few years back a little onza blade. Never got that good at it but could hop around on the back wheel for a bit. Will still be a huge learning curve but I can't wait. I was wondering about boots. I know I'll need an open face helmet which should be okay. My boots are sidi crossfire 2 srs which have changeable soles. Would I get away with fitting an enduro sole to them or will they still be no good do you think?
  9. Yeah that's it you've got to have really good clutch atlnd throttle control for trials and I need good clutch especially on a 2 stroke. I was going to ask about bikes but I think I've done enough research and should just buy the best nick 250 I can find? Is it worth me getting a road registered bike? I have a full licence and was wondering if I'd be able to ride to a quiet carpark near me to practice balance and stuff? I have a trailer and stuff so would be using that for any proper practice.
  10. Hi, I've been thinking about getting into trials for the last few months now. I currently ride a CR250 in MX which I love. Not been into it long and am still pretty slow lol but I really enjoy it. I've rode bikes on the road for the last 8 years although I'm selling my ZX7R at the minute hopefully to replace it with a trials bike. I'm only looking to spend around £1500 max tbh. My main hobby is MX but I'm I terested in trials so I can get more bike time for less money. All the MX tracks are shut with the rain we've been having and I'm getting fed up. Also I could practice at home or some land at work without it costing anything. I'm in the west midlands Wolverhampton to be specific. Am I able to spectate at a practice day or will I not see much? I have shatterford close by and Wolverley I think it was. Is it worth turning up to a practice day to just have a look round? I've included a photo of my CR as I've just got it looking like this this week and I love it haha! By the way, it's 13 years old now.
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