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  1. Neill_k

    Buying a Beta

    Looks a good one for £1000 mate , health to enjoy buddy
  2. Thanks for all the replies guys and girls much appreciated ?
  3. I've just bought a 2016 beta evo 300 , what's the oil fuel mix ratio use guys are using? And what gear oil would use advise to use? Is there anything I should check or be aware of for this model also? Thanks
  4. Ok a 4rt copy is that better ?? ?
  5. As title suggests Im wondering from experience some of use have had from riding both 2 stroke and 4 stroke bikes what use think the advantages and disadvantages of both are. is one more user friendly , cheaper to run etc etc.
  6. Yea I was pretty sure it was 1997 model but guy said he had log book saying it was 2003 , I'll have to speak to him again and tell him he's wrong. As for buying it , I was wanting to buy it to turn into a repsol replica , more a project to work at rather than a bike to ride. Thanks for your reply and help with the year, very much appreciated
  7. I'm sure this has been asked 100 times but I'm looking to find out the year of a montesa I'm looking to buy. Guy says it's 03 or 04 but it has a carbon tank and frame decals which I think are 1998/1999 , I have pictures of the bike and a frame number if anyone could help me out? Second question is once I've found out the year What's a fair price to pay for it? Thanks in advance.
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