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  1. UPDATE: full wave rectifier worked great
  2. thanks for the reply....i will put a full wave rectifier on and see neil
  3. Hi, my bike is a 2015 T2 300cc Evo, it runs the 12v halogen light on the front .....i would like to change this to an LED lamp ...my question is i see on the wiring diagram that there is a regulator in the wiring system is this just a voltage regulator rather than a regulator / rectifier as the voltage to the bulb is AC ...not ....DC so is my issue either the regulator is just controlling rough AC power from the stator and i need to fit a rectifier to convert to DC or is my regulator faulty any ideas please Neil
  4. thanks both for the info , but the issue is the stop nut on the brake pedal this dose not allow for full travel of the foot pedal when in its set position for riding , remove this nut and bolt and you get full travel of the piston thus pulling fluid through lovely , once bled put the stop nut and bolt back in the correct place for your travel liking and away to go cheers Neil
  5. can anyone help please, i cannot get the brake fluid to bleed through the from the master cylinder to the caliper , i have put a brand new seal kit in and everything is clean and tight , ive bled many hydraulic brakes in my time so not a novice ....but i cant fathom out what is wrong here, other than a possible score in the master cylinder ( which looks fine) is there a special technique that i need to know, the banjo fitting id higher than the fluid level so i cant see how gravity can help cheers Neil
  6. Thanks Dan, Yes its 12-vac direct from the stater on tracing back i found poor connections (mucky corroded) at the ecu location, there are connections there regards Neil
  7. Hi, any ideas would be a great help ....my 12v font lamp has stopped working (bulb is fine) i have measured the voltage across the switch and with a bit of throttle it maxes out at 5 volts ...is there a regulator tucked away somewhere i need to check cheers Neil
  8. snorky29

    Beta Evo Decals

    its the shape of the frame , tank, and mudguards ect ....if they haven't changed from 2015 to now .....or ...2015 down ill be ok ....does anyone know of any differences in models say 2014 to current...did anything change
  9. snorky29

    Beta Evo Decals

    Hi please can anyone help ive acquired a Beta Evo 300cc (2015) but it has no decals fitted, no im not looking to make an older bike look newer ....but im finding it hard to get a full sticker kit for this year ....now my question will any of the newer / older decal kits fit this model ....i have seen some lovely off brand decal sets but are advertised for 17/18/19 years Cheers Neil
  10. many thanks for that ...i presume you just put the desired amount of oil in each leg at the open end(nut removed) and just tighten things back up is it
  11. Hi, can anyone advise if there is a simple way to change the fork oil in a beta rev3 (2003) with out a strip down cheers Neil
  12. snorky29

    engine oil

    Hi and thanks for the very useful information and will take it on board My riding will not encounter "undercuts that need instant power response ..im to old in years for that type of danger ..putoline light is avalable in my local shop so i will Go with that Thanks again Lineaway Neil
  13. snorky29

    engine oil

    Whity .....wonder why i nerver thought of that
  14. snorky29

    engine oil

    that's not a bad idea (just for curiosity
  15. snorky29

    engine oil

    Fuchs owns the brand silkoline
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