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  1. For the 2021 125 cc bike by the time youve replaced the wheels .exhaust system , etc the cost would possibly be more than trading it for a factory model 125cc 2021,which has mag cranckases and titanium exhaust as standard,, also michelin x lite tyres i think, Maybe worth getting the specs of each bike before you spend any money. The upside of replacing wheels and exhaust is you then have two of each ,, good luck ,
  2. deadwood

    trs v sherco v beta

    second that opinion on the Beta ,very robust ,easy to maintain, but to be fair theyre all good thesedays
  3. try inch perfect trials ask for aran or simon
  4. deadwood


    Just goes to show , weve had a 2017 TRSone no problems whatsoever, my sons had 2018 rr 250 no problems sold to a friend of mine still going strong.,currrently have a 2019 trs rr250 and a2020trs 1r that's four bikes ridden more than average ,and the only thing we have replaced is one thermostat ,a twenty minute job, A local guy we know has had two trs raga replicas 2018 ,and just replaced with 2 new 2020 models , unlike youre experience we have found the TRS to be extremely reliable ,smooth to ride and easy to work on.
  5. grime hills is good trial ,well worth doing, pretty sure they can sort youre licence out on the day, if unsure ring david fallows , on regs details
  6. Yes it can be done. Pretty straight forward.
  7. Why do you say that .as far as I can see he is just asking ,.Nothing smug about it .
  8. same here just got a 250 trrs very impressed ,
  9. deadwood

    Beta evo won't run

    check you haven't lost the needle jet ,they can sometimes drop out when cleaning the carb,Keihin.
  10. deadwood

    2018 beta

    got a 2018 250 awesome bike ,had a 2017 factory , seems as good as that , love it
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