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  1. Why do you say that .as far as I can see he is just asking ,.Nothing smug about it .
  2. deadwood

    Sherco v Beta

    scorpa all the way.
  3. deadwood

    What bike ? Trrs?

    same here just got a 250 trrs very impressed ,
  4. deadwood

    Beta evo won't run

    check you haven't lost the needle jet ,they can sometimes drop out when cleaning the carb,Keihin.
  5. deadwood

    2018 beta

    got a 2018 250 awesome bike ,had a 2017 factory , seems as good as that , love it
  6. deadwood

    What gear box oil is best for 2015 2t beta evo 300?

    Same here good stuff ,
  7. deadwood

    Trial GP

    I liked it ,as well ,thought it was better than previous,
  8. deadwood

    Rear Brake Power - NG Brake Disk?

    Miles better on the 2017 , more braking power ,but still has feel ..
  9. deadwood

    Wtc Comblain Au Pont - Belgium 2016

    Not working for me either ,says video unavailable.
  10. deadwood

    Swm 4 Stroke

    looks good to me. WELL DONE.
  11. deadwood

    Hebo Tech Comp Boots

    ditto comfortable first time out , rode for 3 hours from new, after 20 minutes I forgot all about them being new , pleased so far .
  12. deadwood

    Leaking Evo Fuel Tap

    Just checked mine on 2016 300 evo was getting stiffer to turn off,5 minutes with oil can , turning has freed it up nicely.,will get a regular lubrication now ,Hope you get it fettled mike,,
  13. deadwood

    260 Montesa Machinations

    Maybe should have stuck to the beta won youre class , and first seven on the hard route were on betas,,,,
  14. deadwood

    Appropriate Wear For The Six Day.

    Something in xxxl size from an outdoor shop will suit you ,