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  1. Thanks all for replies. Hopefully get onto it this weekend.Stuart.
  2. HI all.I am looking to modify my original 1983 tlr 200 to make it more trials friendly i have changed tyres to michelins and fitted bolt on lowered footpeg mounts. It still has original lighting kit, ignition switch, battery indicator stalks, handlebar controls etc. I would like to modify with higher handlebars and lanyard cut off as a starting point then exhaust and clutch to be looked at. Anyone got any hints ref best way to wire for trials use only? Thanks Stuart.
  3. Last ty 175 was 34 years ago. All works to this one carried out by and credit to previous owner.Have tried it out on some local sections and i find it very easy to ride, light, responsive, grippy. A happy returnee to Yamaha. Stuart.
  4. dabba,Thanks for informative reply, i have ordered a lanyard switch and will hopefully get it fitted this weekend.looks as good without lights etc, see pic. Stuart.
  5. Hi all. After many bultacos i have bought a 1983 honda tlr200 to use in twinshock events, taking a bit of time to get used to four stroke but a really nice bike to ride I have serviced, changed tyres etc.Now have stripped lights, speedo, indicators etc back to push connectors on wiring loom.I need to fit an engine stop lanyard for some events, is it simply a case of following two wires on original kill switch back to loom and connecting on replacement Jitsie etc at this point?. I would like to strip out old key/lights loom and simplify some time in future as strictly off road use now, anyone done this? got any pointers? Any help much appreciated,thanks, Stuart.
  6. cosmo

    199A running refurb.

    Gents, Thanks for all advice.New spoke , wheel bearings, brake shoes, sprocket nuts and bolts, rear tyre tubed michelin all fitted to wheel.Ordering rock shocks tonight as old betors unserviceable. i bought a pattern seat cover from in motion, any advice on how best to stretch/fit/hold to take out wrinkles and fix? .seat base and foam are good. Stuart.
  7. cosmo

    199A running refurb.

    Lorenzo. thanks for reply, i have now attached photo. its the cover touching both ends of the spanner. regards, Stuart.
  8. cosmo

    199A running refurb.

    dear all. I am now refurbing rear of bike. I have stripped rear wheel and brake hub, got a couple of broken spokes need replacing on the shorter hub/sprocket side as well as bearing, brake shoes etc.The hub side spoke ends are covered with a circular pressed? shroud/cover, Does anyone know best way to remove/replace it to allow access to spoke ends.i have looked at manuals but no mention.Tried gently levering with no luck, dont want to damage hub.heat?Any knowledge much appreciated.Will post a photo later. thanks in anticipation.Stuart.
  9. cosmo

    199A running refurb.

    Hi all, Shock absorber fixing. I tried torx bit hammered in, unfortunately slipped before loosening fixing. Hacksawed a slot next and tried with loads of pressure and a slot width fitting screwdriver, head sheared off fixing under load. I am left with a tiny stub of fixing protruding from female threaded part. Looks like drilling out and rethread or Wurth insert? or cut off entirely from frame and reweld a new mounting boss as last options. Oh well, There is always one. Stuart.
  10. cosmo

    199A running refurb.

    I am planning on a daytime MOT so will repair/replace speedo.I am going to repaint frame blue with fork bottoms black when i get engine oil tight. Cheers Stuart.
  11. cosmo

    199A running refurb.

    Thanks for all replies, much appreciated. Oil changes i used;Gearbox oil 500cc of SAE 90 and clutch 300cc of ATF. Speedo drive is off rear wheel. I am ordering a pair of rockshocks to replace existing units.( once i get old fitting off ! ) I will hopefully get a look at shocker mount ,speedo and oil leak this weekend.Will post how it goes. At 52 getting back into twinshock competition after a 25 year gap. thanks again.Stuart.
  12. Hello all. I am starting a rolling refurb of recently purchased matching frame and engine number 199a.Its a bit rough and had frame painted white in past.No oil in clutch or gearbox!. I have replaced badly damaged front rim and chromed hub lining,new brake shoes, new fork seals ,tyre , springs and oil have sorted front end.I am looking for advice please as below. 1.Gearbox refilled with SAE 90, now leaking heavily from drive sprocket seal? or around this area i think! is this a big job to change, most likely point of leakage? 2.Speedo doesnt work, best way to troubleshoot? 3.Swingarm shock absorber mounting fixing cant release one upper allen key fixing as picture, it was badly rounded.Tried loads of release oil, shocking and a little heat with no luck. I need to replace unserviceable existing shocks. I am planning a running rolling refurb to use in twinshock trials and not as a show bike.Any help much appreciated. Thanks, Stuart.
  13. Gents,Bike is a model 80 250cc sherpa homerlite tank,I havent had any time to start rewire yet.hopefully soon. Thanks.regards.Stuart Kerr.
  14. Gents, Thanks for this information,i have ordered an old style kill switch and will hopefully get done this weekend.regards.Stuart Kerr.
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