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  1. The most basic way to set up an ACU system trial is to log on and pay the twenty quid for a permit and then you can do the rest on the day as before. So one club person needs a computer. The AMCA expects request for permit by e mail also but may accept postage, don't know. So the basic thing is a computer and as far as I know all the on line booking is in effect still optional. I was grumpy about the Sport 80 on line setting up format as it is not intuitive, however if that is how a club wishes to do it, and and you use it regularly it gets easier and easier and no paperwork on the day. So i'm told.
  2. Quote from the Sport 80 website... "We exist for the good of sport. Our expert and skilled team is constantly developing new ideas and technology that revolutionise the way that sports organisations coordinate and manage their online presence, increase their revenue and promote their sport." Fine words butter no parsnips
  3. Having been obliged to use it and as someone who uses computers regularly for business I found the whole design of the website, the grammar and/or pointlessness of the questions, the poor layout and the non-feedback of some pull down menus a real pain to operate. If you understand or better are taught the system, it does work perfectly satisfactorily but the design and layout screams cheapness. The technical assistance available is pretty grim and minimal from all sides mentioning no initials, unless you can phone a friend which luckily I could. Without the skilled and patient friend I would have packed it in. As it was it took ages of wasted time for both of us. Certainly no better than a Greeves Pathfinder with flat tyres attempting an technical A route if you like. Somebody must try harder and please produce a decent detailed manual via a PDF (not that crappy short thing kicking about with a bit of coloured pencil scrawl thanks) and a You Tube vid, both preferably, if we are stuck with it. It can't be that hard, or expensive. If it wasn't virtually a closed shop the customers would have fled IMHO
  4. The TRS e start is excellent and works well. This is my second e start TRS and no technical hitches in over 2 years. There is a small weight penalty but I cannot notice it. My 300 RR starts easily with the kick start but it's handy to have the press button option especuially when setting out and clearing up an event carrying bags etc and many stop starts.
  5. I think Faussy's comments are pretty much there, except as a TRS rider I obvs think they look cool and yes they do feel similar to a Gasser but I think that they are easier to start and the TRS engine is fine thanks as is the clutch on the newer RR 300s. Vertigos feel a bit wide where the fuel tank is on other bikes no sure why and the fuel injection tho' clean does feel different and 'flat' is a good description. It was the same on the 2012 era Ossa that was also injected.
  6. Debbie Evans US stunt rider/driver who rode in the Scottish Six Days Trial back in the 1970s. She could do a headstand on her Yamaha 175 I recall. https://www.debbieevans.com
  7. Battery regeneration, also gives engine braking
  8. It sports 'torque control' apparently I assume that is to stop the dreaded electric trials bike rear wheel spin when unloaded under power, especially in the wet. Are you listening EM?
  9. 2022 TKO only works on Blue or Red mode not Green although you can switch it off altogether if you wish The power settings on this newest Race are truly ballistic especially as the bikes are fitted with an ultra quick fly by wire throttle. So unless you are an expert, as the TKO is only on top modes, it won't be much use I would imagine, nice touch though. The bike is like the Tesla of Trials, the mid range acceleration makes my '22 300 RR feel quite docile by comparison
  10. Sorry, but not everyone takes that point of view. I bought a brand new one 2 years ago and was glad to see the back of it after 10 months including hot, cold, wet and dry weather down South UK. Frankly, it was gutless with far too many gears. There are loads of people on TC who say it's a great bike but as there are so very few of these machine about, have they ever actually owned one? I doubt it. If they are that great, then why are they still so rare? I suggest that the claim they are the 'answer' is a trials myth. They aren't They re OK but nothing special. Get the Beta 250, an excellent all round bike. Better still buy a TRRS.
  11. EM's are quite different than a petrol bike, especially in the wet. They need a different technique because of how the engine spins up with so much torque. Their battery life is very good (5.7 and Pure). Excellent for mucking about on.
  12. Without the land we don't ride, it's a matter of curtesy to the farmers and other land owners, put yourself in their position. Have a good time !
  13. What about non pressure washing/cleaning? Bit of water and a brush just to get the mud off the bike. It takes a lot of work and care to obtain permission to use a farmer's land for our events, the fields and farmyards are not our back gardens or patios. If you can't wash them at home go to a garage with the right facilities
  14. Pressure washing is forbidden at trials in South East Hampshire (UK) held on farmland.
  15. micm

    Kick start

    E Start TRS, forget the kickstart thing
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