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  1. On the Spanish Sherco site there is an '03 sheet manual which is what you got with a new bike and there is also an '09 manual. I am reasonably sure that although there was a frame change in '06 to black they are all basically similar. If yours is an '05 it should have chrome frame, looking similar to an '03 so the '03 is a good starting place. There was a 4T 320 '05 but therein lies a story. My advice would be to change the oil, pretty sure its 450 cc. The exhausts get clogged but you need to cut them open to repack. I had several of them including an '05 290, not much goes wrong if looked after. https://www.sherco.com/wp-content/uploads/2009MaintenanceManual_ST2T.pdf https://www.sherco.com/wp-content/uploads/2003ServiceManual.pdf
  2. micm

    R vs RR vs Gold

    To quote theTRS importer's website 'Saunders Extreme Sports' regarding the R One..."These R (One) model bikes are specifically tuned to the UK Market, giving softer stronger power. This makes riding the bike much easier and enjoyable for our type of sections." For 'our type of sections' read 'mud.' So for the UK (no idea about anywhere else) the R One has lower compression than the RR and clutch is softer and lighter. Suspension between R One and RR is slightly different too, more adjustment on the RR forks and rear shock, though it is said you would have to be riding at the top level to appreciate or indeed need the extra front fork adjustment. Both models sport Tech front and Rieiger rear suspension also Keihin carbs but overall the`RR has more 'bling' bits.
  3. For you a 250 two stroke like a TRS or Sherco (as Ryan Young) for your wife a 125 similar. Trials is not like any other bike sport pedal or power. Personally I think a 200 Beta is a bit lacking in go even for a novice but that might depend on where you ride.
  4. micm

    TRS e-start

    Yes, the engine recharges the battery. No external charging equipment is supplied from new. If for some reason the battery goes flat then you kick start it and run it to charge
  5. micm

    TRS e-start

    Do you need to trickle charge it. Are you having issues with the battery. I only ask because I have just bought one and so far the battery seems fine over a few hours stop start etc.
  6. Buy a 250 Beta and leave it alone. The much praised 200 Beta is possibly too small an engine for general use in my opinion, speaking as an ex owner.
  7. EM 2019: Good battery life, PELS Clutch is really just a switch, seems decently put together, no failure issues over one year, virtually silent obvs so hugely useful for land access, about 15bhp but massive torque from the off, really easy to loose traction needs very very careful throttle control, if you are used to petrol it's much harder to get your head round at first, but maybe coming off an Oset would be different. Ideal second or third bike.
  8. micm

    TR280i wiring issues

    It might not be relevant but in 2012 Nigel Birkett sent me this sketch plus some batteries in a pack and a basic switch (3 way) to wire into an early 'new' Ossa. It did work. The little battery pack contained 9 Ni/MH AA 2000 201111212 'Verificado.' Later on I think the factory made a modification this was an early version. Apologies for the writing, but that's how it was sent from Spain. The existing capacitor was to be removed but I think we left it alone.
  9. micm

    Sherco year ?

    If you can only run to 2015 buy the Scorpa instead, same components and a better and more conventional design with the fuel tank in the 'normal' place.
  10. An 80 would be Ok if you don't mind revving the bike flat out most of the time in bottom. On climbs you would appreciate the lack of weight as you will get stuck quite often no matter how much you wind the power on! A 125 would be a much better bet or even an Evo 200.
  11. When I bought a new TXT 300 back in 2012/3 the importers said to me on the phone quotes "You know they are hard to start". They weren't kidding. My friend, a big lad with size 13 feet could manage it!
  12. My only experience was at formal Vertigo test day 3 years ago when I tried both the latest 250 and the 300. I though they rode we, looked cool and the mode/power changes impressive. The injection seemed faultless. But I found those new bikes 3 years ago very hard to start. They were both warmed up and clean. When I woke up the next day after the test and thought why does the sole of my foot hurt I remembered all the kicking. I am sure they are much better know but I have that lingering doubt about fuel injection. As noted Honda/Montesas are no trouble.
  13. I agree, far harder than a petrol bike, even a four stroke.
  14. The GG 280 is one of the fieriest bikes on the market. Try a 250 of any make to compare. Lowering the compression will make your 280 quite a bit softer at the bottom so it will not pull off so sharply but you will still have a lot of torque by comparison with a smaller motor. It is not a good place to be, worrying about the bike running away with you. Better to boss a smaller engine and then move up.
  15. You could have a go at making one in Lego https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMJJjuBMgbM
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