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  1. Without the land we don't ride, it's a matter of curtesy to the farmers and other land owners, put yourself in their position. Have a good time !
  2. What about non pressure washing/cleaning? Bit of water and a brush just to get the mud off the bike. It takes a lot of work and care to obtain permission to use a farmer's land for our events, the fields and farmyards are not our back gardens or patios. If you can't wash them at home go to a garage with the right facilities
  3. Pressure washing is forbidden at trials in South East Hampshire (UK) held on farmland.
  4. micm

    Kick start

    E Start TRS, forget the kickstart thing
  5. Get the 2017 Scorpa
  6. I agree with the suggestion by 'stpauls' of perhaps a much more common size, a 250 engined bike fitted with a low compression head/extra gaskets and maybe a slow action throttle. They would be easy to start as well. As for the unicorn of the trials world the 200 Beta, try before you buy if possible it may not suit as they don't have much torque.
  7. There is a new concept of hydrogen fuelling that could be applicable to future, post petrol, trials bikes and other light vehicles. It does away with pressurised tanks etc. Zero emissions etc. Recharging would pretty quick. Link... https://www.businessinsider.com/car-bike-tesla-amazon-gates-bezos-climate-change-fuel-drone-2021-2?op=1&r=US&IR=T
  8. micm

    4RT to 200 Evo - thoughts?

    Thanks micm. How were the brakes on the new 250? I have wondered whether to try to improve the ones on our 2014 bike or if it just makes more sense to buy a new(er) bike. The factory editions have Braktec masters and I have wondered about that route. I will stop thinking about the 200 now (and have been told off about new bikes and "man" lust for new machines ? ) The 250 seemed to have a better back brake on my 1/2 hour go on it, so maybe they are all a bit variable in quality as delivered, but perhaps the 'borrowed' 250 was the 'works' spec one. I did sort mine finally, at a cost of two new sets of pads and another rear disc.
  9. micm

    4RT to 200 Evo - thoughts?

    My Beta new 2020, 200 had poor brakes, the rear one was almost non existent, pathetic actually. It also jumped out of a lower gear without warning. Otherwise build quality was the average for most two stroke trials machines. Comparing a friend's new 250 to my 200 both Betas on the same sections I felt the 250 was actually easier to ride with a little more power, though I didn't tell him!. Beta 200s get a fantastic press here on TC but I wonder how many of these 'fans' have actually owned one for some time and have ridden them in events regularly. Maybe they are good in rocky stream beds but on climbs, banks etc in my opinion they are harder work. Nothing against the make, but I would consider all the two strokes not just Betas.
  10. So if Scotland becomes independent and hooks up with the EU again, bang goes the Scottish Six Day Trial for most English, Welsh and Northern Irish riders, too much paperwork, so will it will be mostly the French, Spaniards etc instead?
  11. micm

    More paperwork?

    Here you go. Link to sporting goods... https://www.revenue.ie/en/importing-vehicles-duty-free-allowances/personal-relief-from-customs-duty-and-vat/personal-effects-and-goods-for-sports-purposes/examples-of-personal-effects-and-goods-imported-for-sports-purposes.aspx
  12. micm

    More paperwork?

    Thanks, good to know
  13. The ACU has just issued a detailed briefing on the Carnet System for importing and re exporting goods into and out of the EU, now that the UK has declined ongoing membership of that particular club. The Carnet system is quite a faff for the amateur and I know the music industry is up in arms about it. However on the Gov UK Customs/Revenue website it seems to say 'personal imports' of 'sporting goods,' giving a longish list which includes cars and motor bikes, will not be included. In that case would the whole Carnet documentation still be required. Or am I just an optimist? Of course this assumes the government will let us out again one day. Does anyone know how this might work. Thanks
  14. La Montesa 4RT es como una mermelada inglesa llamada 'Marmite' porque la amarás o la odiarás. Muchos más prefieren 2T. Buena suerte con la moto, es un gran deporte
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