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  1. micm

    TR280i wiring issues

    It might not be relevant but in 2012 Nigel Birkett sent me this sketch plus some batteries in a pack and a basic switch (3 way) to wire into an early 'new' Ossa. It did work. The little battery pack contained 9 Ni/MH AA 2000 201111212 'Verificado.' Later on I think the factory made a modification this was an early version. Apologies for the writing, but that's how it was sent from Spain. The existing capacitor was to be removed but I think we left it alone.
  2. micm

    Sherco year ?

    If you can only run to 2015 buy the Scorpa instead, same components and a better and more conventional design with the fuel tank in the 'normal' place.
  3. An 80 would be Ok if you don't mind revving the bike flat out most of the time in bottom. On climbs you would appreciate the lack of weight as you will get stuck quite often no matter how much you wind the power on! A 125 would be a much better bet or even an Evo 200.
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
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    2020 model. One owner. Immaculate bike, 3 trials and a couple of practice sessions only. Road registered on a SORN but not ridden on road. Over 50s rider, it's never seen a rock only a bit of chalk. Apico foot pegs. Gearbox oil changes.

    4,375.00 GBP

  5. When I bought a new TXT 300 back in 2012/3 the importers said to me on the phone quotes "You know they are hard to start". They weren't kidding. My friend, a big lad with size 13 feet could manage it!
  6. My only experience was at formal Vertigo test day 3 years ago when I tried both the latest 250 and the 300. I though they rode we, looked cool and the mode/power changes impressive. The injection seemed faultless. But I found those new bikes 3 years ago very hard to start. They were both warmed up and clean. When I woke up the next day after the test and thought why does the sole of my foot hurt I remembered all the kicking. I am sure they are much better know but I have that lingering doubt about fuel injection. As noted Honda/Montesas are no trouble.
  7. I agree, far harder than a petrol bike, even a four stroke.
  8. The GG 280 is one of the fieriest bikes on the market. Try a 250 of any make to compare. Lowering the compression will make your 280 quite a bit softer at the bottom so it will not pull off so sharply but you will still have a lot of torque by comparison with a smaller motor. It is not a good place to be, worrying about the bike running away with you. Better to boss a smaller engine and then move up.
  9. You could have a go at making one in Lego https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMJJjuBMgbM
  10. Yes plenty of tips on here. They are difficult to start until you get the knack, then they are a little bit easier. In my opinion, they will never be as easy as a Sherco or a Beta. It's all to do with the kick start mechanism design. When I bought a 300 Gasser a few years ago the UK importer selling the bike to me actually said 'you know they are difficult to start' and they were right! See if you can find a rider with one to show you the basics. Good luck.
  11. 3 different power modes help with that according to this vid. With all due respect to the excellent and well informed team at Inch Perfect, on the 2019 EM I ride (with only the electronic PELS disconnecting clutch) the lowest of the three modes (green, blue, red) the green one, is gutless, the other two blue and red (red the most potent) are fine and noticeably different. It may be the 2020 has a different lowest (ie the green) map. On the 2019, with standard gearing, green was only useable on the flat (11 stone rider) any gradient at all would stop it. Also in my experience you need a very very delicate hand on the throttle to stop the engine spinning up if you loose traction. For example when you get stuck at an obstacle or loose way on a camber. I have not ridden in very muddy conditions so I can't make a comment about that. However a 'real' clutch (and it's flywheel) must help to maintain grip used with the engine momentum. In the dry the bike has fantastic acceleration. Ok these are critical comments, but I'm still saving up for the 'Race,' riding these well designed bikes is a different and enjoyable experience.
  12. If you want gears you will have to wait for another manufacture to actually market one with a box, both the Gasser and the Mecatecno prototypes had gears. I'm sure a proper clutch (and flywheel) on the E Pure Race single speeder is a good idea.
  13. The EU is not flavour of the month for the Med countries at present, doesn't seem to be much goodwill or support flying about, so maybe we'll be buying our bikes in pesetas and lire once more.
  14. micm

    Electric start

    It's optional, electric only or electric plus kick start, the bike price is higher for both
  15. OK it's a mono shock, fluid cooled and disc braked so it's an 'early modern' from a good manufacturer, so that's all a plus. But due to the age of the bike spares could be a problem. The general advice to the first time buyer is, a clean bike in decent condition, and as modern as possible. There are at least two more modern Betas trials bikes ranges, the Rev 3 and Evo respectively.
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