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  1. micm

    New 200 !!

    The Beta 200 is actually a very different animal from the many of the older rider's weapon of choice, the detuned 300. Those type of bike mods are often discussed in these forums, employing lowered compression, flywheel weights and slow throttles. However the 200 is lively and benefits from a much more positive input than you need from the big engines. You can't just pull a big gear at relatively low revs and stand there, you have to make it go, spin it up and work it a bit! Of course it has the Beta advantages of good dynamic balance, grip and steering but, at least in my case also a fairly crappy back brake even with Galfer pads by comparison with my recent Spanish bikes (300 Gasser and Scorpa). Mine is the 2020 model by the way. You probably need to ride one in at least an event or a long practice session not just round the car park to know if you can get on with one and that will be hard to arrange I suspect. I have no idea what it's like up the rocky stream beds you northerners (UK obvs) love so that's question for someone else to answer. It's economical by the way, if that matters and as many have said not so tiring to ride. It goes up my local big chalk climbs nicely but remember the gears are 'shorter' than on a big engined bike so I think you need more care to keep the motor spinning in a sweet spot than on a 300.
  2. The last EM bike before the ePure, the 2018/9 model with the PELS clutch system, (blue/yellow with white frame) came with a full manual in English and French, a parts list and a homologation kit. These were published 23 March 2018. I think they are available on-line. There should be a newer one for your machine. The factory will reply to enquiries as well.
  3. For my average size 9s Alpinestars are a fantastic fit more like a glove, much better than the decent (non wire) Hebos I wore before. But you may need to buy the accessory boot strap kit to get them the right length to go over the lower foot. Stiffer yes, but great protection and the tread is perfect for clambering about in. More expensive than most, but cheaper than a new foot.
  4. I have been told by both a UK trials dealership and by a European based trial contact independently. The allegation, and I repeat it is an allegation, is that the requirement to carry out a single lap on one battery was reneged on by the organisers of both events, I assume ultimately the FIM, or their agents being responsible. A 5km distance equates to a local club trial here in the South of the UK for 3 or 4 laps and is the least you should expect I suggest from an E bike range. The current EM bikes, never mind the new 2020 models could easily cope with 5km plus sections and more, that I can confirm personally. I have monitored a 2019 EM bike at Bognor MCC Bluebeards Trial earlier this summer whose route length is very similar to around 5 km and it coped easily with about 70% battery left. So showing off bikes with mini battery is unsporting in my opinion and the bikes are useless in a retail sense. If you want to know more details personally Andy you will have to e-mail me.
  5. The E bikes were alledged to be required to complete a whole loop on one battery for the 2019 events. This would show that the bikes were a reasonably practical option for any prospective private buyers. This agreement was not adhered to.
  6. OK, there were rules in place and then there was enforcement. Rather like the EU rules that say No Smoking in any public access buildings, except of course, Spanish bars. I don't think distance, cost of entry or even results were the deal breakers. I also hear what you say about Cabestaney but surely the same argument obtains regarding the utterly brilliant Toni Bou and his super bike made of unobtainiaum. The other makes and riders still go for it, luckily.
  7. I suggest that an E bike should be capable of at least one lap per battery in a GP event. That could be altered/extended as the technology improves. If it runs out then add say 20 marks to the score. Everybody knows the super top riders could win on any bike but it would be a bit miserable to ban the superstar riders. I personally like to see a great rider like Cabestaney having a go on one and what he can make it do. I am also pleased to see him back in the sport. OK some respondents to TC get the grumpy about E bikes ('What about all them coal fired power stations eh?') but haha, they are fun, and they are allowed in my our local area anyway, to be ridden on some excellent ground where petrol bikes, even those super quiet 4T Betas are not allowed. Ironically including ground lost to petrol bikes due to noise.
  8. Entries are down in the World E bike category in the Holland World GP. Congratulatios are due to Albert Cabestaney who rode an excellent event. Anyway, there were bikes entered from three manufacturers. However none of those machine/makes are currently available to buy, even though two of them have been advertised with invitations to place an order for over a year. So the missing make is Electric Motion, which sell the only electric bikes on the trials market. Indeed EM has just announced their new 2020 range topped by the E Pure Race model which features both a full blown hydraulic clutch and a flywheel to match. The reluctance of EM to enter might, I suggest, be at least partly down to battery performance/bike weight. EM batteries are 'full size' and last for quite long periods ie a whole club trial. I am told the entered makes of E Bikes were having to swop batteries to complete the event. One make described this week in the press as 'light' had, it is claimed, to change batteries frequently. Caveat: I wasn't there so this information is second hand, so I stand to be corrected. However if true and I was a manufacturer whose bike sported a full blown, bigger and heavier battery, would I be comfortable entering against machines with much smaller and lighter batteries. Batteries that perhaps would not allow a bike to complete a club trial?
  9. A 2016 Scorpa 'Twenty' 300 since new, left in standard spec. It's quite powerful but predictable, the engine is not peaky. By comparison the 250 version seemed a bit flat when I tried one at a demo day the following year. No complaints about the Scorpa however, no repairs or faults and it was ridden weekly. Nigel Birkett is a good dealer. If there is a weakness I would say only a 5 speed box not 6. A low 4th in my area can be an advantage and fun! Clutch action for the bike was quite heavy. Power does vary from year to year and from Scorpa 'standard' to 'works' but not always how you imagine as some earlier 'standards' ones have more go than later 'works' models of the same cc. Quite noticeable as you can easily swap the 'black' boxes on the fly. The Sherco version felt slightly different to ride, and some components like for example the fuel tanks were not interchangeable, at least for the 2016/7 bikes. Recently because I have never owned one I have ordered a new 2020 Beta. Regards
  10. Disc guards have improved and become more enclosed as time goes on and thus safer. Maybe older guards degrade quicker in a hot climate. I am not aware of that problem in the UK.
  11. Using a 300 Scorpa on the easy routes is a bit like using a Dodge Charger to go shopping. Ok, a bit over the top, but in a good way. Just don't let it boss you about! Big engine bikes (around the 300cc mark) are more tiring so pace yourself when in a competition. The fitting back of the air filter is a right pain. But they are a great bike, lots of go.
  12. micm

    Dream bikes

    The UK importers are considering entering a decent rider on an E Pure Race (the hydraulic clutch version) is some Nationals. Battery life is said to be outstanding better than the recent 2019 model and that seemed to have a good range/duration. The power is increased as well. Like the cars the electric bikes seem costly compared to the petrol ones. Maybe leasing is the answer!
  13. micm

    Dream bikes

    How about the new 2020 E Pure Race? It sports a proper hydraulic clutch (rev and dump etc), a variable inertia flywheel, 3 different and adjustable maps and a decent battery. Out this July 2019, about 9 grand in the UK. Note picture comment!
  14. It says on their Facebook page that the site has been hacked, should be OK tomorrow.
  15. micm

    De Tune

    Try the posts under Beta headed..."Beta Evo 250 Low Compression Head Insert." The posts suggest different ways of softening the bike - a bit.
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