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  1. micm

    Scorpa SR300 FACTORY 2018

    Turns fine, grips well, generally considered powerful although different issues of the bike (ie by year and by versions, works or standard) have quite different 'black box' settings so there is some year by year variety but quite subtle, the latter or even the 'works' ones not always more 'powerful.' f you have two or three similar Scorpas of different iterations you can swop the black box and you will feel the differences, mainly at the bottom end. There is a perception by some expert riders that they are more 'grounded' and less 'bouncy' than their Sherco sister bike although the differences in the two machines appear to be physically relatively minor. They are old school, simple, plenty of go, reliable and really do grip, far far better than older Shercos. I can't say I have noticed the 'cramped' riding comment by Lineally and I am average build 6 foot. The 300 has loads of go, maybe too much for fiddly stuff unless you are good at hopping etc. Much quicker off the mark than a Mont of either size (which catches up later!). Later clutches are lighter.
  2. micm

    What's in a name?

    As our Spanish Cousins make the bikes and, I understand, aren't to shabby on them either, what about a more 'hispanic' name, how about Las Motos Fiascos or maybe Motos Gymnastico or Motos Equilibrio!
  3. micm

    Debbie Evans "Trailblazers 2018 Inductee"

    She was on the ball in Scotland. And signed up by Hollywood, no wonder. Glad to hear she's done well. I bet even Toni Bou would struggled with this one, no stand either. (Photos: Copyright Lane Levitt and Len Weed 1978)
  4. micm

    Nominate Emma!

    Whoops... 'Worthwhile Contestant'
  5. micm

    Nominate Emma!

    OK, A bit of an outside chance, but you can join me in nominating Ms Emma Bristow as the Sunday Times Sportswoman of the Year. Surely a worth contestant. Here.... https://sportswomenoftheyear.co.uk/awards
  6. micm

    Difficulty finding neutral

    I used a variation of the rev and go, as suggested already, on my 2011 300 gasser. Put the bike in second gear, rev it a bit and lightly tap the gear lever downwards with the ball of your foot, I stress lightly otherwise you end up in bottom gear. It usually worked for me.
  7. micm

    A Class act!

    In this recent French World Round I noticed that the Mecatecno Dragonfly E bike only cleaned the first section, all the rest being 5s with one section missed out. Obviously I know how that feels! and hope it was actually due to some sort of machine gremlins or the £10,000 retail asking price might be looking more than a bit speculative. Anyone know anything?
  8. micm

    I wonder...

    I suppose a cup of tea with one sugar from the catering van is still OK?
  9. micm

    2018 EM 5.7, Whats New

    Thanks also for the link. I don't see it mentioning what might be a bit of a deal breaker in that blurb. That is their new PELS system. It is said to be a progressive electronic version of a clutch and so the left hand lever is no longer an off/on switch. Quotes from the EM factory recently ...'The new PELS is a real improvement, it doesn't work anymore as an ON / OFF switch, it is progressive, you can adjust it.' And Masso, Salt Spring Island, a great name.
  10. micm

    Best small van on a budget

    "Had 02 Expert non turbo diesel, flat as a witch's tit and thirstier than turbo" - Sirdadalot Interesting simile, but wrong engine. The HDi common rail motor in the Dispatch etc is more economical, more powerful and pretty reliable. Don't have any passenger/2nd rider complaints either as they are usually travelling free!
  11. micm

    Best small van on a budget

    My '04 Citroen Dispatch has been pretty good though before I got it it had not been well looked after. Alternator, starter motor, half exhaust and battery in about 6 years. The locks are rubbish and I replaced them. I am advised by my garage that the next version (08 ish?) earlier models are not as reliable, electronics apparently. Mine always goes, there are 2 different engines fitted, one newer (HDi) and more economical than the other. 2 bikes fit pretty easily. Two and three seater versions about, some with steel bulkheads. Heater not bad!
  12. micm

    Sandifords, out of Mecatecno

    I understand that the likely price of the new electric Mecatecno Dragonfly has increased to, in the region, of £10,000 UK. That's not far off the cost of the Gas Gas TXT E which appears to be much more powerful. Perhaps the forthcoming 'Mark 2' Electric Motion bike, the EPure will come in at a lower price. It was announced yesterday by the company that the EPure prototype will appear at the French GP on 14/15 July in the hands of Takumi Narita and Christophe Bruand and in Belgium a week later.
  13. micm


    Even more interesting now that Mecatecno are said to be increasing their purchase price to just a shade under the TXTe's.
  14. micm

    Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    How about a nice two stroke Honda!
  15. micm

    Sherco bikes of the last 10 years;

    Neither. A three year old bike is governed a lot by its use and its maintenance and even the number of owners sometimes. I have personally had several Shercos although I avoided the back tank models. My 2016 Scorpa is made in the same factory with the same components and is first class. Personally all my (2003, 05 and 07 all new) Shercos were fine construction wise, with no issues. A 2015 Sherco is the first year of the 'normal' design again. It has the slightly irritating but normal Gasser style air filter fixing screw (tail on a donkey) now thankfully changed on the latest bikes. I think the engines are pretty much bulletproof with a bit of normal care ie filters oils coolants etc..