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  1. Thank you, but what I'm asking is clutch oil.
  2. What kind of clutch oil should I use? sherco trial 300 2016. Do I have to use mineral oil? I know the mineral oil cap is green. But, The cluch cap is black, can I use brake oil?
  3. Really? That's a good discovery. I'll give it a try. Thank you so much.
  4. Hi, friends. I have a Sherco 2016 st300 trials bike. The clutch's too heavy. I'd like to know the clutch replacement cycle. The manual says the clutch is up to 2.6 millimeters thick.(per 1 plate) When I measured mine, four were 2.6 millimeters and two were 3 millimeters. I don't know why there are two 3 millimeters in here.I wonder if this is how the new clutch pack works. And the total is 24.0 millimeters. Let me know the thickness of them when combined. Or tell me if I need to replace clutch mineral oil. Thank you, fellas.
  5. I'm changing the crank seal because there's too much smoke coming out.I put 455cc of mission oil in and idled for two hours, but it's down to 120cc.I wish you the best.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to replace the crankseal. Which direction is the crank hexnut removed? 2016,sherco trial 290 I Can't find the answer to this problem in the manual. Please leave a comment.
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