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  1. Thanks @feetupfun, I understand. That's very helpful!
  2. I am trying to do the figure 8's on an uphill slope now, and it's when I'm at the highest point and starting to go downhill after the turn, that I struggle to brake smoothly, not being able to reach the back brake. Is it common practice to just use the front brake in that case? Maybe I overthink it too much but I don't want to learn the wrong technique from the beginning.
  3. Hi, As suggested on this forum, I started my trials journey by learning full lock turns and figure 8's. I think I know what I'm supposed to do but I can't use my rear brake during these full lock turns because my foot is all over the place from bending my leg and ankle (O-leg). For instance in a left turn, your right foot is supposed to be on the very right end of the peg, so I can't reach my brake. Is this normal and are you supposed to just use front brake during these sharp turns then? Or do I exaggerate too much with the foot and ankle bending?
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