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  1. marky dee


    Zone trial ??? France..
  2. After regreasing spray silicone on the spring shockabsorber...
  3. marky dee

    Clearing carb.

    Not a good idee...i think !!!
  4. Yesss it does..., experimented riders feel the difference...!!!
  5. Bulkhead ...is personal !!, i want to see my bike.. Yes i roll the bike in ...,i pump the fork in and roll bike in ...than you just push the rear weel to the side...
  6. you can have a Partner whit 3 seats ..., i have one before this one..!!
  7. This is the New Partner from 2019..., i remove the upper part of shield !!!, not passenger seat..
  8. marky dee


    I did before...!! ,but wen you use only Afgas whit oil !!!, engine is hotter... and mayby not so good for seels !!
  9. Yes you can ..., i have diferent years Peugeot Partners short ones...
  10. Try EM Belgium or France ...???
  11. 50 ml oil 5 litres...!!!
  12. To match oil...!!! , look at forum Trial Central..
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