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  1. i have the short one..., and it go side-ways in..!! easi one bike...
  2. Hi , i got the new Peugeot partner ....and go perfect for a TRRS gold !!!
  3. Hi , i use a Peugeot partner for years ....perfect !!!
  4. Dag Peter , bel Johan van Jorimotors...., groetjes Mark
  5. Factory ones are better...!!!
  6. Trainen Bert , zoveel mogelijk ...., je went er wel aan !!! , een 300 heefd meer koppel , 250 heb ik vorig jaar gehad en is ook zeer goed...,maar heb toch terug een 300 gekocht...
  7. Yes , you need special orange O-rings.... high temp...., i use special silicon for cylinder side..!!
  8. marky dee


    I have ridden my first TRRS Raga replica 250 /18 ...en now TRRS Gold 300 /19 widowt problems ....!!! , en i rode 3 a 4 half days the week....
  9. I use NILS oil in summer time and ELF HTX740 in winter...
  10. Hi , i use NILS oil in summer ... en ELF HTX 740 in winter...!!!
  11. Try Zone trial or Dherbey on internet...
  12. sorry ,I dont think so...., look around..!!
  13. marky dee

    Decal set

    Trialworld spain , zone trial , d herbey france
  14. For years i ware Siddis very good , but i wanted to change...en ware Hebo carbon fibre boots also very good and licht...., i ride 4 times a week...!!!
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